Sleeptalking, sleepwalking, snoring and other after-dark activities LOL

  1. Has anyone had any experiences with these? Are you a sleepwalker/talker?

    I ask because my BF is a serious sleeptalker. He also makes a lot of noise in his sleep, like sighing every time he breathes, random "wah wah" noises every few seconds (sorry about my technical language) and often talks in loud, slurred, but coherent sentences.

    This can go on all night if I don't administer a soft nudge (read: swift kick) to his ribs. What's the go? I've never ever met a louder sleeper than him. Even his breathing quickens and becomes louder - most of the time, he sounds like he's running a marathon in his sleep and he also gets those myclonic (sp?) spasms. I've been kicked up the bum quite a few times in the middle of the night.

    Sometimes, he sits up in bed and just sits there for a few seconds before lying back down again. I almost had a heart attack the first time this happened. If I'd had holy water nearby, he would have copped it. I am now worried that it might progress to sleepwalking, as his sister was a sleepwalker. Apart from the golden rule of not waking a sleepwalker, what should you do if this happens? I've heard stories about people climbing up on balconies, or opening the front door and going out onto the street. YIKES!

    Does anyone have any stories/advice? TIA :flowers::flowers:
  2. I KNOW how you feel! One of my ex's used to sleeptalk, sleepwalk, sleep everything! It'll be the middle of the night and i'll wake up because he's screaming about some random thing in his sleep...i kick him and he goes back to sleep. A few nights i'll wake up and he'll be standing at the door...i'm like uhh WTF are u doing!?! He'll be like i dunno and come back to sleep. Once he started elbowing me in the head during the nite...that was unpleasant...the next morning i asked him wat his problem was, he told me he was dreaming that he got into a fight with some guys :roflmfao:(ahaha). And once we were on a cruise...and next to the bed was a glass wall that seperated the room from the sitting area...he woke up in the middle of the night and got lost..YEA! LOST! I woke up to find him standing between the bed and the wall...turning in circles. And yep he snores like no other, it sounds like a wheezing noise is very annoying, i could never get a good sleep with him.
  3. My husband sleep talks!! I find it really funny. He tends to talk about math and do equations (what a nerd!! lol!) The first time it happened it scared the cr*p out of me, because his movement becomes all sharp and disjointed- kind of zombie-like.
  4. Dang..DH breaths really heavy when he falls asleep and moves his stomach alot almost like he's contracting his muscles for some ab workout...thankfully he doesn't talk or get up..I almost can't fall asleep without his breathing now though :smile:
  5. I've been told (by my parents when I was younger, roommates, and now DH) that I sleeptalk and sleep scream! I have alot of nightmares and apparently that's what they all have heard???
  6. This really made me laugh out loud! At least you know he's not dreaming about other women LOL

    Although the zombie movements would freak me out too - i have an overactive imagination, so I'm dreading the night my BF gets out of bed and walks around like a zombie!
  7. I love the way you were like "uhhh WTF" because that's exactly what I was like! I thought he must be kidding around until I got serious and hysterical and was like "if you're messing around, this isn't funny anymore, you idiot!"
  8. LOL ab workouts.. what on earth goes through their minds in their sleeps? Although believe me, ab workouts are far better than spasms - at least you don't get kicked up the bum LOL

  9. ...and OH MY GOD, alexis - I can't believe you sleep scream! I would have aa heart attack on the spot. My BF's mum told me that when his sister was little, she (the mum) woke up in the middle of the night to a dull knocking sound. She got up to investigate and there was his 7 year old sister, in her white nightgown, at the open front door, methodically and slowly knocking their door knocker in her sleep. I tell ya, if my kid ever does this, I'll be like "sorry honey, but you're sleeping outside until those demons are exorcised!"
  10. Ughhhhh. Sleep craziness runs in my family. I'm the least severe out of everyone and I cry, talk, answer my phone, walk around, remove or change articles of clothing... I close my door and lock it at night so at least I usually wake up before I get out. Sometimes I still wake up in the bathroom or the hallway and don't remember why/how I'm there.

    My mom and sisters have true 'night terrors' though. My mom once got out the vacuum and started screaming and vacuuming the ceiling, because she thought there were bugs on it, and she did this all without waking up. One of my sisters always laughs hysterically in her sleep, the other one goes nuts like my mom. When my sisters sleep in the same room, they will talk to eachother in their sleep all night long-- it's seriously insane. Also, they've both sleepwalked out of hotel rooms and gotten locked out. When my one sister went on her honeymoon cruise, her DH had to baricade their balcony door with a piece of furniture :shocked:
  11. Ohhhh my God. Oh my GOD. What causes this?!

    That's so freaky, especially your sister who laughs hysterically! It actually made me a bit giggly and hysterical just reading your post LOL

    ..and vaccuuming the ceiling without waking up? What did you guys do??
  12. ^ It's just a sleep disorder. It runs in families, but no one really knows what causes it :shrugs:

    We just say "GO BACK TO BED!" and it usually works. My sister who laughs is actually more annoying than freaky; you can have conversations with her and she'll answer. She usually remembers some of it the next day, too. But my other sister absolutely freaks out sometimes. One time when we were little she started screaming "There's a man in here! Hellllllllllllllllp!" and of course it was just a bad dream. My dad went running in there and she had broken the blinds on her window from thrashing around :shocked: But if you just tell her to wake up or go back to sleep she stops and goes back to sleep. It is really crazy!!!
  13. My SO and I are actually a good match, because snoring doesn't bother me (growing up sharing a room with my sisters, I can sleep through ANYTHING) and he snores sooooooooo loud. But he knows how loud he snores, so he can't complain about me being batsh*t crazy in my sleep.

    The first time I went away with him, I had this really cute dream that I got a puppy that I was playing with and it was nipping at me. So I was squealing and laughing and going "Eeeek! Stop biting me. Heeeeeee heeee heeeeee heee!" in my sleep. I was so embarrassed the next day :shocked: :shame:
  14. When I was about nine, I got up in my sleep, opened the front door, and went outside and apparently walked around. I swear.

    My dad found me. To this day I don't remember the sleep walking part. I only remember being back in the house and my parents questioning me. For the longest time my parents didn't believe I was sleep walking. I think they thought I was sneaking out to meet my 9 year old boyfriend :rolleyes:. I didn't even have a 9 year old BF. But they refused to believe the sleep walking bit.
  15. I'm a snorer, along with my mom, dad, and the rest of my dad's family (lol). I feel terrible about it so whenever someone has the pleasure of sharing a room with me, I tell them to please please please wake me up and ask me to roll over! Sadly, I cannot sleep with other people who snore. I feel like a hypocrite :s

    I remember only once walking in my sleep. I walked up to my parents room (my room is in the basement, theirs on main level) and sat down in a chair in their room. They asked me what I was doing and I replied "Going to the bathroom". LOL They walked me to the bathroom before I actually did anything and that was that. I've also been known to talk/make noises in my sleep as well as be all over the place in bed. My boyfriend will have to push me off of him at night and push me to my own side.