Sleeping With Your Bra On

  1. I have never done this mainly because my Mother taught me not to. But I have a couple of girlfriends who never remove their bras before going to bed.

    Do you ?
  2. its funny as my mother told me the opposite!

    I used to as its meant to be good for support and to stop the drop in later years but I don't do it now
  3. I did not do it for the same reason as you PM. My aunt did it and she has no sag. I saw on Tyra where a doctor recommended it! I was doing it for a while and then I stopped.
  4. A recent episode of the Tyra Banks show had a doctor or specialist of those sorts of things, and she said YES, ladies DO wear a bra to bed. And you're not exactly supposed to wear panties to bed. She said to wear some sort of women's boxers, something...breezy.
  5. I used to do it religiously until I was about 18 or 19. Now I can't wait to get home and take that thing off. It's sooooo uncomfortable.
  6. I cannot imagine wearing a bra to bed!

    As for bottoms....I've always heard it best to wear nothing.

    I've slept in the nude for years!
  7. Yeah, for a minute or two i thought my Mother could be wrong, so, i tried sleeping with it on couple of times, and it found it so very uncomfortable. I was scratching like a ferret. :nuts:
  8. I don't know about sleeping with an underwire bra or regular bras, but I usually sleep with a jog bra or "support tank" -with a built in bra.

    It's just more comfortable for me personally
  9. i dont know but i only wear bra whenever i go out. and as soon as i stepped inside our room, i find myself reaching my back to unhook my bra. same thing with my pants and shorts. i love roaming the house with just shirt and panty. :smile:
  10. I slept with a bra on while I was pregnant and nursing. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the minute you get pregnant your chest goes up several sizes and when your milk comes in several more. I had a great cleavage during that time but once you go back to normal you are destined to droop.

    So it didn't help. But it did keep me from leaking milk all over the bed.
  11. I wonder if the discomfort has anything to do with your breast size ? for instance if you are big chested the discomfort level maybe high as opposed to small chested.??
  12. I would think a snug fitting cami would give you some support too. There's no way I'd wear my bra to bed.
  13. I wear a bra to bed a few days/week.
    I have specific sleep bras though that I don't even notice are there.
    I am large chasted and have a tendency to sag - I had the 'girls' picked up last May and I have NO intention of having to pick them up again! LOL!
  14. Mine have reached their destined droop and I don't think wearing a bra would help anymore. Funny - I can't bear to leave the house with no bra, and can't go to sleep wearing one. Amazing how the things your mother told you stick in your head!
  15. I usually sleep with a leisure bra on at night. My "girls" had gotten a lot bigger and still are since I had my kids and I can't stand the feeling of them just hanging there. I need some sorta support at all times.