Sleeping through the night

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  1. I know that it is different for everyone but I was wondering when your LO started sleeping through the night? Was there anything you did to help this happen? I cannot wait for this day to come!
  2. When the baby is ready to sleep through the night they will. I don't think there is anything that you can do to "help them". My first daughter was sleeping through the night at 3 months. My second I believe was around 6 months old. It's so tough waking up every few hours I know!!! Hang in there!!!
  3. Kamryn started sleeping through the night at around 6 months, and then at about 1 year she was waking up once a night for a bottle. When babies are hungry they are hungry... She is 16 months now, and she still sometimes gets up for milk.
  4. I read it somewhere on a pediatrician website, that babies are generally capable of STTN around 3 mos of age. That's when you start sleep training by letting them fall asleep on their own and not call for you, not earlier.
  5. My older DS was 9 months before he was truly sleeping through the night and it was a challenge up to that point to get him to do it. Although after that time we have never looked back and he has been a good sleeper since and he is almost 5 yo now. My younger DS was about
    2.5 months old when he started sleeping through the night. Other than the first two week after his birth he has always been a fabulous sleeper, he is 2 yo now.
    I will tell you that one rule we have in our house is once you are in your room/bed/crib after bath time that is where you stay unless you are hurt, sick or there is a circumstance that my DS and I feel we must go in your room. Our boys know if they wake up they must stay in bed/crib and put themselves back to sleep. It works for us. It wasn't always easy to get this point understood but once they know we aren't going to go into their rooms at every cry or request (for things they really don't need) then the night time got much easier.
  6. My daughter was 6 weeks and she's been sleeping every night through since!!!

    I make sure she has a dry tush, a full tummy and I swaddle her. I ONLY swaddle her at night. Sometimes she isn't sleeping yet but she has heavy eyes so I lay her down and she will just look around until she falls asleep! Its the neatest thing ever! DH woke up at 5:30 am once and she was just awake looking around...didn't make a peep!
  7. Emily was just about 2 months and (knock on wood) a fabulous sleep. She currently sleeps from about 7 PM - 7 AM each night. The best thing you can do, for both of you, is teach your baby to go to bed awake, then they learn to fall asleep on their own. That way if they do wake up in the middle of the night, they can go back to sleep.
  8. WOW! You guys are so so lucky! My son is 19 months and is still very far from sleeping through the night. We have even done an all night sleep study with pediatric sleep specialists...I am a zombie, and worn out. We truly have tried everything, and I honestly believe he just needs to somehow out grow this.
  9. First time was around 3 months. I think he did that 4 or 5 times. Then at 4 months, he started STTN about 4 times/week. Still doing that - and the nights he gets up, it's between 3 and 5 am, and he has a bottle, then goes right back down til between 7 and 8.
  10. 4 months
  11. everyone is so lucky! my first never slept through the night till he was about 1 and now he (28 month) wakes up in the middle of the night and take a quick look to make sure someone is in his room. my 5 1/2 month old isn't sleeping through the night either. he would sleep from 9-12, wake up for feeding and probably sleep till about 5.

    If i lay my younger one on bed for him to sleep on his own he would cry his heart out so I never did that. how did you guys manage to have your kids sleep on his/her own?
  12. I'm very jealous of you ladies that got your LO STTN at a young age. I figured it would happen naturally. I started skimming through the Gina ford book last night and felt like I was doing something wrong by bit gave DS on a super strict schedule. According to her DS should be STTN @ 6 weeks with her routine. She also claims that her strict schedule cures collic, which is a huge statement!
  13. My son sleep with me, he would cry so hard and long in his crib that he would vomit. Like I said before we gave everything a fair go, from Cry it out, to No Cry Sleep Solution, to tricks that the Baby Whisperer had...nothing!
  14. my son is just 3months onld and from abotu a week ago he started sleeping thru the night on and off one night yes onme night no.. but on the other nights he only gets up once.. hes been doing the onlyonce getting up for about 3 weeks now ...

    i find that i keep him awake from his afternoon nap time from about 3ish till bed time at 7 in between we play have baby massage time i bathe him feed him and then hes in bed :smile:
  15. You probably won't want to try this but yes we let baby cry his lungs out but it lasts only a few nights less than a week, the idea here is baby will learn crying won't do anything at bedtime and will subsequently STTN. Should he wake up midway he'd eventually learn to fall asleep on his own. For most kids, it does not happen naturally. I kid you not, I have this friend with a 4.5 yo son and a daughter who's 1 yo. She co-slept with the son because she didn't have the heart to hear him cry, now it's been months she's trying to break the co-sleep habit and he would run screaming to her master bedrm door pounding all night long. She has successfully sleep trained her daughter, since 6 mos old, who sleeps in a different room all by herself with no problems at all.

    Tips for STTN training:
    - ensure baby does not have any naps 5 hours up till bedtime.
    - make a calming, soothing, and boring routine till bedtime. Bath, bedtime story, etc.
    - no solid food for 4 hours before bedtime
    - for younger babies you can nurse to sleep and gently tuck them in when very sleepy, for even younger babies put them down about 5 minutes after the "sleep grin" stage has passed.