Sleeping through the night...

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  1. when do they start doing it?

    I'm exhausted, I can't even get her to sleep 1 hour at night!!!! She sleeps during the day and even though I try to wake her up, nothing works.

    My dad said to let her cry it out, but it breaks my heart when she cries and cries, what did you ladies do to get your babies to switch their sleeping times?
  2. Wow, I am so you...just a few short months ago. All my kids slept through the night quickly until Emily...OMG! I thought I was going crazy, especially when at her 2 month check up she as still only lasting 2 -3 hours. Even the dr said, she should be going longer than that for you. Then all of sudden she went 7 hours, then 9, then 8...and has beem the same seems that 11 pounds for her is the magic number....

    Hoping you make your magic number soon :smile:
  3. i think babies are able to sleep for 6 hours straight at night when they are 5kg. if u are breastfeeding i think 1 month old the baby is probably still getting hungry soon in between the feed (i know it's very tiring for mummy especially if the latch on time is long). when my baby was young i remmeber i had to cuddle her in the middle of the night not knowing why she wouldn't sleep and keeps crying. hang in there it'll get better soon.
  4. No book will say to do cry it out at this age. She's too young. It's usually not recommended until they are close to a year or older.
  5. Mine is 16 months and she still wakes up at least once for a night feed! I've tried everything - nothing works except time. She will outgrow it.
  6. awww you poor thing....I remember how hard it was to get up so often to feed and take care of DS in the night. Would you believe I still remember the actual date of when my son slept through the night? I woke up around 6am and shot out of bed when I realized he never woke up....then noticed he was perfectly fine. It was December 5th 2002....ahhhhh....a wonderful night!! The start of many when he would sleep through the night but not always (almost a month old at that point). He was formula fed so I don't know if that makes a difference...I heard that formula fed babies sleep for longer periods of time since it doesn't go through them as fast like breastmilk does? Hope it all gets better for you soon!!
  7. my lil one in the beginning I had to wake him up at night to feed and it was hard... He does pretty good at night now... he wakes to eat and then goes right back to sleep.. he wont even stay up long enough to burp.... just hang in there and try to keep her on schedule with feeding as much as you can, that was the key for me..
    he used to sleep all day, now all of a sudden, he is up and alert all day long, which makes him tired at night and we are good...
    good luck with this, I know it is exhausting... hugs to you
  8. I know it's really hard right now. With my oldest, there were many nights that we were up all night. I was miserable!! The only thing I found that allowed me to get any sleep was to learn how to nurse lying down and bring him into bed with me. Once I did that I started getting to sleep at night. I agree that letting her cry it out at this age is not a good idea. She's just too young right now. I really hope you can get some sleep soon!
  9. Mine all seem to do the night/day mixed up thing too, it's so tough, I sympathize. I've found in the past that the solution to this is getting them to eat and eat and eat during the day so that they will sleep more at night. If I can get even a four hour stretch of sleep I feel soooo much better. This means doing everything you can to get her to wake up when it's time to eat (I'm assuming she's still eating every 3 hours?) I know you said you're doing that, and that it can be next to impossible sometimes, but keep at it. Strip her down to a diaper and use a wet washcloth, all that stuff, whatever it takes! Once she gets used to sleeping shorter stretches and eating more during the day, she'll adjust and start sleeping her longer stretches at night. And while you both adjust, please, please take a nap or two with her during the day! Set an alarm clock so you're up to feed her in time, but you need your rest!
  10. All the ladies have great advice! I didn't want to read and run. I have so much sympathy for you as I know you are going back to work on Monday. :hugs:
  11. PF, I'm right here with you! Ireland only sleeps 2 or 3 hours at night. I cant wait until she can go longer!
  12. I read that for babies, sleeping thru the night means a stretch of 5~6 hrs. mine still wakes up every 2~3 hrs to feed. he doesnt seem like he's ready to sleep thru the night anytime soon!! :hysteric:
  13. my baby started sleeping when i noticed he started on solids. he sleeps but wakes up throughout the night so i can give him milk..
  14. Your LO is still too young to sleep through the night (5 hours straight) and I would not let her cry it out. At this age she needs to wake up to feed. Once their stomach is able to hold more food then they will start sleeping longer. If you are breastfeeding, breast milk gets digested faster than formula so your baby needs to eat more frequently. I also read that some babies go through a rough patch between 6-8 weeks (mine sure did!) so it could be that she is trying to adjust. Hang in there ... try to take naps during the day when your baby sleeps.
  15. Oh, this thread is soooooooooooo timely, Kayla is not sleeping but 2 hours at night, there are some great ideas here I will need to try.