sleeping beauty: theoretically speaking, what would happen

  1. 1. if you bought a bag and stored it, just as they present it to you in the store - stuffed, in the sleeper, in the box, etc. and kept it that way for... let's say 4 years. what would happen to the leather? to the bag?

    2. do you think bags ever ever stay in a boutique like that (packaged) for that long?

    3. some eBay sellers say that they bought the bag 2-3 years ago, it's nib, been in the closet, untouched. would that be less desireable than "gently worn" (i am not considering an eBay purchase, but just thought of this example in connection with my original question above)?
  2. I saw a bag that had been in the warehouse for 7 years. They just decided to clean out the warehouse one day and found it. Looked fine to me.
  3. okay, a. you're very cool for getting to see a bag that had been in the warehouse for 7 years, and that the SA gave you this info.
    b. that's good news.
    oh, do you recall the leather?
  4. ^^Gulliver.
  5. My understanding is that leather needs to breathe, and if it's stuffed with plastic rather than a natural fiber it's not terrific for the leather. I would think this would be an issue with Box Calf, Croc, Ostrich and Lizard, for example, where dryness leads to cracking. That said, you'd need to see the bag or see closeup photos to check for dryness and cracking. Oh, one other thing, the dryness in Croc can lead to irreversible shrinkage so that the bag gets a sunken look.
  6. I have seen barenia and clemence bags that have been at the store for at least 4 years in storage. They looked fine.
  7. ^^^this is super helpful! thank you.
    i just go back and forth with what i would do if i came across the $$ for a bolide now. on the one hand, i did want it closer to a big birthday, but on the other hand, those price increases... ouch. so then i had a little daydream (that's all it is at the moment) of buying one sooner than later, but sort of saving it for a bit...
    just daydreaming, but you know, i wanted to have my facts straight. didn't want to cause irreparable damage to my daydream bag by storing it for x years, in my dreams. lol
  8. Last year i got a 28cm rouge H box kelly that was brand new in box but 28 years old...and it was mint. No dryness, no tarnishing, nothing. It was no different than if i had purchased it that day from Hermes. It was really fun to see such an old bag exactly the way it had come from the shop all those years ago. I think the important thing is how it is stored..that it is not too dry or too humid...if the temperature and humidity are correct a bag will not suffer from age at all.
  9. Barenia leather, if new or like new, and unused for a long time develops a "frost" on the it was dusted with powdered sugar. This easily come off by gently wiping it down with a soft clean cotton cloth.
  10. ^^Yes, I have had this happen to ebene barenia and it came off easily. I think it has to do with the fats in the leather.
  11. this is soooooooooo interesting!!! thank you LZ!

    pepper did you freak at first? how long did it take to develop?
  12. Chocolate does the same thing. It's called "blooming". It's from the butterfat rising to the surface.
  13. HH, I totally freaked. Both bags (berlingot and Birkin) were virtually new (maybe carried 3-4 times each) and had been in their sleepers for maybe 8-10 months. At least. I called my local store and they went and probably talked to Claude or someone and told me just what Pete said. It actually took a little effort to get the powdery coating off but nothing major.
  14. so then does that "frost" not happen with regular use?
    wow, you had those bags stored for a while. very helpful and very interesting.

  15. Mmmmmm - you guys are making me hungry!:p

    Great question HH - I wondered the same thing myself. If I bought DD a little somethin' stamped with the year of her birth - what would it look like on her 21st or 30th or when she has a baby of her own. Sounds like it would look good as new :yes:

    Now off to make chocholate buttermilk pancakes....