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  1. Ahhhhh! I threw out my sleepers..........:wacko: :wacko:

    Do any of you have soft fluffy covers that you'd like to sell to me...

    or do any of you know where you can get this sort of thing?

    I have two Theda Bracelets in need of covers, as well as a Monogram Cite PM, and Speedy 25 that need cloth houses.. they're sitting in my purse closet sad and naked... :lol: :lol:
  2. You can buy them off of eBay if members don't have any to spare, but for now, you should just put them into some old pillow cases to protect their poor naked selves ! :biggrin:
  3. can't you buy them from the boutique? i dunno. there's always ebay like ayla said.
  4. go into LV with them and they will put them in sleepers. I have received 3 from the boutique. I've never mentioned I bought off ebay, but when I bought my daughter's speedy I was carrying my ebay cabas piano and I just asked and they gave. good luck.
  5. what size.
  6. I need one to fit a Speedy 25, two to fit Theda Bracelets and one to fit a Viva-cite PM

  7. I ordered a LV sleeper on Ebay and got a fake. Oh well, it was just a sleeper, but give me a break!!
  8. Loren,

    They will really do that for you? Wow! That's awfully nice of them - then again, my addiction does run about $900 average a bag.

  9. that's really awful that yougot a fake sleeper fendigal.. SERIOUSLY is there nothing real left on ebay?:evil:
  10. no. they COME with the bag, you cant buy extras.. think of all the fake makers that could just "buy" some for their fakes to make their auctions look more real than some already do!
  11. yes... my stuff is real. hehe. same id on ebay. :smile:
  12. i now this is stupid but for tempory make your own.