Sleepers, Dusters, Covers, Dustbags - Where Do They Go?

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  1. For those who buy a bag on ebay or anywhere else and it doesn't come with a sleeper cover, do you wonder where they might have disappeared to?

    Are they like socks that you wash and somehow they sneak out of the house when no one is looking?

    Back when ebay still allowed people to sell just the covers alone, I could sort of see why people hung onto them to sell it separately for an extra buck or so but it's no longer allowed. So where are they?

    What's your conspiracy theory? ;)
  2. People sell them or toss them because they don't plan to use them.

    I got an extra one for my LV Lockit and sold it on the bay starting at $1 cuz I knew I wouldn't use it but didn't want to toss went for $35:confused1:
  3. Well, much study has been done into the "Missing Socks" phenomenon and also similar research into "Missing Teaspoons", which we all know, just disappear.
    Whereas wire coathangers breed.

    Perhaps we need some funding into where the dustbags go.

    Maybe they are being seduced by the socks and eloping together.

    I adore this quote from a British newspaper published some time ago...

    "Links have also been made with the disappearance of odd socks. The birthplace of my interest in this study, the New Scientist's Feedback section, found on a web forum the proposal that "odd socks are seducing the spoons with stories of The Life That's Waiting Outside".

    A more probable and scientific explanation is that, as odd socks are the larva of wire coat hangers, teaspoons are the larval form of some other household object. C. K. Aitken, one of the researchers working on the project, wrote in an e-mail interview: "We do seem to have more plates and bowls in our tea-room cupboard than I ever remember having before."

    Perhaps the teaspoons are metamorphosing into plates and bowls, presumably to have a more pleasant experience when it comes to meal times. Being dunked daily in boiling hot liquids must violate cutlery and crockery rights. Perhaps the teaspoons are committing teaspoon suicide to escape such torture.

    Maybe dustbags are the larval form of.......[enter your suggestion here] ;)
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  6. I didn't know ebay no longer allowed people to sell dust bags. I guess, if the seller got the bag from an outlet, the bag may not have come with a dust bag or, maybe people keep them and use them for thier own bags or, I guess, they could put them to use somehow.

  7. I don't know either. I would guess that because the dust bag adds one more bit of credibility to the authenticy of a bag, making them not readily available adds one more bit of of challenge to the fakers.

    Some people don't take a great deal of care keeping track of their things (I know, I live with two of them) so I expect the dust bags just get lost in the shuffle. And I am so glad to find out what happened to my socks and teaspoons. I hope they're having fun out there.
  8. There's a seller on ebay now that will offer to sell you the sleeper after you buy a bag from them. :rolleyes:
  9. ^^^ sneaky!
  10. No way!!! Don't they get more $ by selling together? Or is this a big wig like fashionphile who gets way more than they should for their items to begin with???
  11. Seriously? That is pretty sneaky. I know one seller on ebay who makes them and she custom makes them to your size specification if you ask her. How cool is that?

    AHA! I knew them darn socks were seducers! Taking my sweet teaspoons and corrupting them. Poor innocent teaspoons. :lol:

    LOL! I know there are several people who think this but nobody who actually says it out loud. :lol:
  12. Well I know for my own bags the dustbags usually get tossed or used for some other purpose since I store all my bags on hooks in my closet and this doesnt work well if they are bagged up. I've got a huge coach dustbag that came with a tote that is perfect for storing all my flip flops in at the end of summer. But in my consignment business I dont accept storeag bags or boxes anymore, I used to but I had a few incidents of people taking the dustbag out of one bag and putting it in the one they were buying and of course I had no way of knowing until a bag didnt sell and the owner would come into pick it up and be like "wheres my dustbag?" that happened a couple times and the bags owners were pretty cool about it but I had one lady who went off the deep end and I had to end up buying her bag myself because she pitched a fit saying it was useless now and she'd never be able to sell it because it was "incomplete" I offered to give her $25 to make up for the missing dustbag and she wouldnt have it, she made such a scene crying and everything saying we had ruined her bag. She was nuts so I bought the bag for the sale price we had agreed on in the consignment contract and pretty much banned her from my shop. So all the stuff from my store that goes to ebay is dustbag-less I hope it doesnt hurt the sale price too much but I dont think it does.
  13. I think there may be a "dustbag knome" in some closets, just like the "sock knome" in my dryer.
  14. I get all my bags at the outlets and it's a hit or miss whether they have been snagged :sad:

    I swear, someone is making $$ off of it!
  15. Well I probably shouldn't name names, but what the heck! LOL

    I bought an LV from lvauthentic and when they invoiced me, they asked me if I wanted to buy the sleeper too for $20 more. I was like WTH? They sell authentic stuff, but that was the LAST time I would buy from them. I think it's really chintzy to not include all the stuff that should come rightfully with the bag. :rolleyes: