Sleeper Hit of the Fall?


Sleeper Hit of the Fall Season?

  1. Ocean

  2. Plomb

  3. Tomato

  4. Mastic

  5. Tabac

  6. Vert Fonce

  7. Paprika

  8. Olive

  9. Oatmeal

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  1. Not including Violet and Jaune (b/c we all know those are going to be very sought after) which fall color do you think will be a sleeper hit? I haven't really heard tons of raves about any one color so far. But it seems that invariably every season there are one or two colors that end up becoming wildly popular and sought after.

    So which do you think it will be this fall? Which bbag color is everyone going to be searching for in a few months time?
  2. SIENNA hands down! I dint think much of the color until tooshies listed hers and BAM! I want it!!!:nuts:
  3. Aw, darn, I didn't list that color!
  4. Wow, plomb is tops already.....really, no offense at all to anyone who has plomb/steel, but what is the big deal? I don't get it, it looks like black to me in those pics (though I know it isn't). Is it one of those colors that you'd have to see IRL to appreciate?
  5. My newest passion is my vert fonce :yes: :yahoo: :yes: It goes with everything and the color/leather combo is TDF :nuts:
  6. Where is the cinnamon/mogano option?
  7. yes you did - tabac is sienna

    i think it might be too early to tell who the dark horse is this season, but mastic and sienna might surprise everyone;)
  8. Is Mogano (Cinnamon) a new fall color? Should it be on your list? I haven't seen it IRL but pics of it look fab!!
  9. Sienna all the way!!!!!!!!!!!

    The color is glorious! I'm just deeply, deeply in love with the color. I think people are beginning to realize how truly gorgeous this color is:tup:

    Here's my City:heart:

  10. ^^ I agree, cinnamon is stunning in person. I didn't think it looked that great until I got mine in the's such a rich, gorgeous, color! (can you tell I'm a little biased? ;))
  11. Iwas content with my collection when BAM -Tooshies pics pops up with that delicious scrumptious SIENNA. I lose sleep over the beauty....I am now at countdown to it's arrival...
  12. plomb is gorgeous irl. i initially thought it was just a lighter black, but when i got it in person, it definitely cannot be mistaken for black. it's a deep charcoal gray with bluish undertones-a more subtle anthracite. it's beautiful!
  13. I agree! Plomb has this odd tendency to photograph extremely dark, but in real life it's a gray-blue as feifei87 mentioned.

    Turtle :heart:
  14. sienna all the way. i may have to rethink my purchases!
  15. You left out Ivory...and Mastic = Oatmeal, doesn't it? Man, these color names are SO confusing. I would have picked Tabac if I had realized it was Sienna. ;)

    To be honest, none of these colors excite me in the least ... but I haven't seen them in real life.