Sleeper/Dustbag with blue cord?

  1. Has anyone ever seen this before? I recently came across a regular LV sleeper with a blue drawstring and have never seen this. Any help would be appreciated!

  2. I don't remember these myself, but I believe one showed up in the authentication forum with a bag awhile back. Addy said they were made for a short time before they switched to the brown drawstring.
  3. Thanks! Anyone else?
  4. I have one that came with my speedy 30 from Saks about five years ago.
  5. hmmm, never seen that. actually i have more dustbags that are non-drawstring. Only my Speedy 30 came with the brown drawstring

    Is there a general rule on which dustbag LV uses for which style of bag?
  6. ^^Nope, no rule. They just use whichever they have that fits the bag properly. They still have some of the old drawstring dustbags around in stores as well.
  7. I have several dust bags that have the blue corded drawstring; they came with my older bags. I actually like them better than the new dust covers:smile:
  8. Yes, LV made tan dust bags with the royal blue drawstring before changing to the dark brown drawsting.

    The royal blue was also used in the coordinating boxes - ribbons - and the shopping bags - handles.
  9. Thanks for all the information! You guys are great!!!!
  10. yes, I got one of these dust bags with a backpack purchased about 5-6 years ago from LV in SF.
  11. I had one it came with my SO Vachetta Alma back in the 1996...