sleeper bags

  1. here's dumb question, even though it just a sleeper. the drawsting is supposed to be white right? i saw a listing in which the bag "looked authentic" (i have the same bag), but the sleeper it came with had thick black drawstrings. the sleepers bags i do have have the white drawstring, and the "fake venetia hiding in the corner in the very back of my closet behind boxes of boots" came in a sleeper with black drawstrings. thanks. sorry if this is a stupid question :shrugs:
  2. The only black strings I've seen, came on my MBMJ sleeper bag. :confused1:

    Sorry I can't be of better help!
  3. MJ is white, MbMJ is black (at least thats what I observe from my collection!) :smile:
  4. oh okay! :smile: