Sleeper Bags

  1. I am wondering why Hermes changed to the orange sleeper bags a few years ago - was it less expensive? The bags are so expensive that they shouldn't cut corners. I really loved the old suede ones and might start buying them on Ebay and there is one posted and it is about $150!! Wow!!
    Anyway, any suggestions how to find them? Thanks!!
  2. I don't know why or even when, but I do know that was a reason I thought the rouge h kelly I bought from e-bay was a fake because of the bright orange sleeper! My bags I bought 10 yrs ago had the other bags....Maybe the color is harder to duplicate for the fakers?!
  3. I don't know why they change them, but they do from time to time; the first Kelly I bought in 1991 had yet a different sleeper (still beige but much uglier than the "suede" ones, really cheap looking...)I still have it 'cause I like to keep each bag with it's own original sleeper...Actually I like the orange ones..:flowers:
  4. Black Box Bolide is arriving without a sleeper and I'd love to have one for it since when I'm not using my bags I like to keep them happy in their sleeper. I asked at H if I could buy one but that's a big no-no, I guess. They looked at me like I had two heads.
  5. Shopmom, if you get the bag refurbished, they will provide a sleeper, an orange one.
  6. how much does it cost to get a birkin refurbished?
  7. $80 for basic cleaning.
  8. Oh thanks Shoes, Duna and Shopmom...I really loved those suede ones! The orange is pretty but I prefer the suede fabric. Maybe they can dye the suede orange for the next bags?
  9. No's probably not fake. If I sell an older bag I would like to keep the suede sleeper...just love them!:love: But, I feel guilty and sell with the suede and not the new orange ones.
  10. honstly, I prefere the orange dustbags over the older ones my granny used to get with her purchases....
    the orange signature color just makes me smile.....wasn´t that way with the brownish ones!
  11. I was going to ask this question, too!!!!!!!

    My Herbag (purchased in 2000) has the lovely brown suede one (and the baby suede one for the lock - don't you love 'em?) - and I MUCH prefer these to the orange.....I also saw the orange ones for the first time on eBay, and thought they were fakes:shame: ........I'm kind of disappionted they changed the colour - personally, I think the brown ones were MUCH more elegant (and lovely to touch!)

  12. My baby has the old ones...until I see the orange ones I really can't say one way or another. They both do their job I suppose.