Sleeper bags, dust covers, just how much are they worth to you?

  1. When purchasing on eBay, how much value do you put on the whether or not the dust bag is included?

    Are you likely to bid higher if sleeper bag is included? how much? $10. $20, $30?

    Just wondering, I always include the sleeper bag b/c I sell all my own bags and I always have the sleeper bag b/c that is wear my bags sleep:sleepy:
  2. i don't know how to answer because i don't think of it that way. if the bag is meant to come with a dust bag then i expect it to come with the dust bag. i personally hate sellers who say "i will include the dust bag if the auction gets over xxx price" or "i will sell the dustbag seperately for xxx dollars" honestly that's an immediate back button for me. you're not doing me a favor giving me what came with the bag in the first place.

    so basically i guess the answer for me is nothing. if it's supposed to have it then it should come with it- free. if it's lost that's another thing. i personally have all my dustbags but i know a lot of people don't keep or use them....

    i reread your question- i'm not likely to bid higher for one with a dustbag but it is a factor on whether i'll bid at all- i do see dustbags sometimes as a matter of authenticity. depending on if they're supposed to have them, why they don't, etc. if i was faced with 2 bags- one with the dustbag and one without- well i guess other things would be a factor- price, authenticity, seller, etc.

    man, i don't think i answered this right. lol. sorry!
  3. Well, i'll answer my own question, lol!

    Having the dust bag tells me, it's probably been kept in it if it is a used bag, so I won't find any dust in the zippers, scratches from rubbing other items in the closet, etc.

    Some fakes have the wrong dust bag, dead givaway!:tdown:

    An honest seller not trying to squeeze every penny out of the buyer by offering the bag if bidding goes so high or in another auction. I think that is just rude!:tdown:

    Thanks for taking the time to reply hlfinn!
  4. Agree with hlfinn.

    I always sell my bags with dust bags and can't understand why some sellers sell it separately, ask for extra $$$ around $25 if we request for dust bag :yucky:

    Anyway, if the item looks great, I'll bid even if dust bag isn't including :p I've many dust bags here
  5. I won't bid on a bag without the sleeper, it's just one of my quirks...All bags should have their sleepers, IMO.
  6. If I really want the bag, it doesn't matter to me. But, It is nice to get a dustbag. If there were two identical auctions and one had a dustbag, I'd bid on that one.
  7. I love having dust bags. I agree with hlfinn, if its supposed to have one it should come with it, after all it came with it originally, free.
  8. Yup, I also agree with hlfinn. I just won't bid! So I guess that means they have lots of value to me:yes:
  9. If my bag came with a dustbag I've sold it with the dustbag not even considering that fact in the asking price - it's just a dustbag. I would never buy or sell one on its own. I have sold a bag or 2 without it because my bag was mostly in use & dustbag lost. People still purchased the bag without the dustbag. Likewise if it was a bag I really wanted & it was authentic I wouldn't care if it had a dustbag-it's easy enough to get one.
  10. I used to think bags sold on eBay with their dust covers were more authentic, but of course now I know that even those get faked! So now it doesn't really matter to me; if there's no dust cover then I can just use an old pillowcase.
  11. No biggie to me. If I want the bag, I'll buy it whether it has a dustbag or not. And like someone else said I'd be extremely annoyed if the seller is selling the dustbag seperately or thinks the bag is worth more because of the dust bag.
  12. I like having dustbags. I have a set a Rubbermaid drawers that I keep my bags in but some of them are too big (my speedy's specifically) so it's nice to have the dustbags for those. ....but eventually I'd like to get bigger drawers so I can keep all my bags in them, lol

    Don't know if I actually answered your question so: An auction without a dustbag is fine if I really want the bag. But having one is better!
  13. I would only buy it if it had the dustbag as this would indicate authenticity and that the owner most likely took good care of the bag!
  14. I definitely don't think a dustbag indicates authenticty as you can see how many dust bags alone are for sale on eBay. If you like to have the accompanying dustbag that's great but I definitely wouldn't consider it when trying to authenticate - unless the dustbag is a fake, then the item probably is too.
  15. dustbag makes me look at the auction little bit postively..maybe I will pay $10 more but that's it
    Also people sell only the seller might have bought from them and sell you
    so not a biggy