Sleep Walking

  1. I wasn't sure where to post this so i hope it's in the right place.

    My mom was telling me the other day that i used to sleep walk quite alot when i was younger, she told me that one time she found me sitting at the top of the stairs and she asked me what i was doing and i replied, "I'm waiting", and my mom asked me what i was waiting for and i didn't reply i just kept staring at the wall, and the next day i had no memory of what happend.

    Has anyone else ever sleep walked, or have you seen anyone sleep walk? I know if i did see anyone sleep walk it would be so strange and scary.
  2. Yeah I always had the same problem when I was younger...It happened once a week. Once I grabbed my blanket and went in the bathtub, I also went into my parents room and opened all theer draws and told my mom I was It happened so many times and yeah you dont remember anything..My parents had to put a lock on the top of the front and back door so I wont sleep walk outside because it almost happened a few times...I almost got badly hurt a few times:sweatdrop:
  3. I personally don't, but I always found that subject so interesting! I wonder what makes people do that, and afterwards have absolutely no recollection of it. I remember my mom telling me about how when she was younger, she would sleepwalk, once she sleptwalk to the bathtub and just sat there, lol!! It's definitely a weird and scary thing. I wonder if anyone has ever sleptwalk to the car and drove? Wow...
  4. I used to sleep walk when I was a teenager. Once I brought an entire loaf of bread into my bed, ate a hole in the middle of each slice and threw the remainder at the wall!
    Then another time, I walked down stairs and hung up all of my dirty laundry and put it all back into the closet! It took me months to sort it all out!
    Luckily, I've grown out of it.
  5. Yeah I find it interesting too. I think I read somewhere that people have driven their car while sleep walking, also i think there was a murder case where someone was charged with murdering someone but they claimed they were sleep walking at the time.
  6. My son would sleep walk occasionally as a teen. It was unnerving -- at first especially -- because it appeared on first glance he was awake. His eyes were open and he spoke, but didn't make sense. He doesn't do it any more.
  7. I used to sleepwalk all the time in my teens. I would wake up with random objects in my bed, or covered in jewelry (My mom used to die laughing about this). A few times I woke up in my window seat. It mostly happened if I was sick. FH says now I just talk in my sleep instead!
  8. i did a few times when i was younger... once, when i was in about the 5th grade (so not very young at all!) i went downstairs while my parents were watching tv, went behind my dad's chair, and started to pull down my pants, etc., as though i were in the bathroom... embarrassing!!!

    i haven't done it since then (as far as i know:p) but i tried some sleeping pills for a week recently when i was having a lot of trouble getting zzz's, and a few nights during the week i would wake up in the kitchen eating pb out of the jar, of all things! so i did some more research into the pills and one of the side effects was "night eating." i stopped those suckers immediately!
  9. That's all soooo creepy! I think it's very interesting though... I'm happy I don't sleep walk, but one of my friends did a couple of years ago, and almost jumped out of the window b/c she thought she was being chased :push: Scary!
  10. So weird that most of us seemed to do it as kids to teens. I'm 24 now and for the last 5 or more years I don't remember any incidents, but between 10 and 15 I kept waking up in the strangest places of our house and mostly in the bathtub. :nogood:
  11. Because the pills I have to take have sliced up my sleep schedule and made sandwiches out of it, a while back my doctor suggested I try taking yet another pill - Ambien.

    You may have heard of some cases of famous people charged with crimes essentially involving doing very stupid things with automobiles whose attorneys argued that the people were taking Ambien.

    When I took it, I noticed some occasions of not remembering things, for example I would find myself in the bathroom, or my office, and have no memory of getting out of bed and going there.

    I don't drive, but I do smoke, and one night Mr Puff happened to get up to go to the bathroom, and seeing that I was not in bed and my office light was on, came to the door, just in time to see me plop the end of my cigarette down on my mousepad, as if it were an ashtray!

    Needless to say, I took not one more pill of that stuff, and if you are taking it, please give people you live with a heads up, to watch you.

    And if you live alone, or drive, or smoke, or have a stove, then don't take it.

    Sleep deprivation and various related disorders may be very bad for you, but not nearly as bad as driving cars into people or buildings, and nowhere near as bad for you as setting your house - or yourself - on fire.
  12. Oh Wow^ I had no idea that could happen to people on Ambien. Was this a few years ago or recently? I had taken Ambien or Ambien CR (or some verson of it) a few years back but nothing like that ever memory loss or absent mindedness. I'll be careful and ask my doctors about that kind of thing if I ever have to take any sleeping pills in the future. Thanks for the heads up:smile:
  13. ^^^ It was a few months ago, and it doesn't happen to everybody, and it doesn't happen every night to all of the people it does happen to.

    Which makes it trickier because you just don't know. You might take it for a year with no problem, then one night something different happens, and it only takes one car crash, or one fire.
  14. Right thats true^, if I thought research was fun I'd look up on this, I hope they can find some good links on who is most likely to be affected so people can be careful. I find it strange that no one ever warned me that it could happen..I just got the usual warnings about.."MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS" and "DO NOT OPERATE MACHINERY/DRIVE" etc..:rolleyes:
  15. I only know of one incident where I was sleepwalking as a kid. I'd been having a dream about tidying my room and putting my bedding away in my closet. Anyway the next morning I wake up and the pillow on my bed is missing. My Mums like "where''s it gone?" and I had no idea whatsoever, then I remembered my dream, opened the wardrobe and there it was!