Sleep time for your 1 yr old?

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  1. What's a good time to put a 1 yr old down? I am a SAHM now and so we don't get up as early as we used to, we used to get up at 645. now we sleep until 930. She takes 1 nap during the day after lunch, around 1 and sleeps until 2. I try putting her in bed at 7 and 8 but she just screamed forever, is that too early? Even at 930 she's fighting me.

    Thanks for the suggestions!
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    I recommend this book from famous British author Gina Ford: "The Complete Sleep Guide for Contented Babies and Toddlers". She wrote many books including the popular "Contented Little Baby Book".

    Here are a few quick facts from her book for 6 months-1yr old: 2 1/2 hrs-3 hr total hours of nap.From 12-15months:2 1/2hrs of total nap.She has worked numerous years as a pediatric nurse and recommends the 7PM-7AM schedule for babies& toddlers. I and many people I know follow this "program".

    For 6months-1yr old: a nap in the morning(9-9:30AM) then again after lunch(12Pm-12:30).For 12-15months old: short nap in the morning and another long nap after lunch.

    I pretty much follow everything by the books when raising my babies since I'm no "sleep expert".Babies and toddlers need routine. Sleep training can be a little hard at first but necessary for their well-being.

    On p.22(how to sleep): Through all my experience of working with children,I have come to the conclusion that the key to ensuring good sleep habits is teaching your baby or child to sleep in his cot/bed unassisted.Establishing the right sleep associations from an early age is vital if you wish to avoid long-term sleep problems.

    Here are some interesting things from her book:allowing too much sleep during the day can result in difficulty in settling in the evening,or in in the middle of the night wakings.But allowing too little can often result in worse wakings....poor quality day-time sleep can affect not only the baby's mental development but also his ability to sleep well at night(page 19).

    Dr.Marc Weissbluth,a leading researcher,pediatrician and director of the Sleep Disorders Center,Children's Memorial Hospital(Chicago),has conducted extensive research into nap patterns of more than 200 children. In his book Healthy Sleep Habits,Happy Child he says that:" Napping is one of the health habits that sets the stage for good overall sleep".He explains that a nap offers the baby or child a break from stimuli and allows it to recharge for further activity.Several other experts are in agreement that naps are essential to a baby's brain development and to helping establish long-term healthy sleep patterns(p19).

    Her book starts off with "understanding sleep": explaining sleep cycles,where to sleep baby,room temp.,etc. She suggests a dark room,a bedtime routine(bath,reading,etc.),and sleep training(crying down/crying up/controlled crying methods).There are also many case studies for each age group so it's very interesting.
  3. Sleep training can take a few days or longer depending on the baby. Then you won't have any more trouble settling you baby to sleep/nap after that.
  4. all my kiddos are in bed by 7:30pm, 8 at the latest...some times k-kay wakes up around 10-ish pm for a bottle and then she is back to bed, we all wake up at 6:30 am though.
  5. 7 pm and not a minute later, Kayla takes 2 short naps at daycare during the day and is up at 5am like clockwork when our day starts. I work full time. I am VERY STRICT with her bed time and it has served us both VERY WELL.
  6. 7pm'er here as well!!!! if he goes to bed any later then he just sleeps less. i hate when people say "well you can sleep in if you put him to bed later"...uh no, he's up by 7am whether he goes to bed at 7,8 or 9! i would rather him get a solid 11-12 hours, so that's why the bedtime routine start no later than 6pm.....and i take no credit, he started his own "schedule" when he was about 3-1/2 months old. i am blessed!
  7. Her last nap she wakes at 2pm? 9:30 is way too late, she's overtired and that's why she's fighting you. With that last nap, honestly 6pm is reasonable.
    We were having our last nap wake time around 3pm and bedtime was 7pm.
  8. My 2 yo DS is in bed at 7:15pm and wakes at about 7am. He naps from 1pm to 3:30-4:00pm. My 5 yo DS is in bed at 8pm (although he is in his room at 7:15pm to play and read) and wakes about 7am. My 5 yo we did sleep training with to get him on his schedule and it took about 3 days and every since then (he was probably about 8 months old) we have not had an issue. My 2 yo never really needed sleep training but we are strict about bed and nap times. Once my DS's are in their rooms there is no leaving your room unless you are sick or hurt.
  9. That's about the same as our routine, minus the bottle feedings :smile:
    My kids have always had a bed time of between 7 and 8 (closer towards 7 when they were younger and now closer towards 8 at ages 4 1/2 & 5 1/2). My daughter though has difficulty settling down at night and typically plays quietly in her bed for an hour or so before finally falling asleep. We don't have a problem with it because she seems like she's getting plenty of sleep and the playing in bed doesn't bother anyone else in the house.
  10. Thank you everyone for the great answers, I had asked this once before but she was much younger then.

    I was so good about a schedule until we moved to the house, then it just seemed with a big house I had more cleaning so I let her do her own thing longer so I could clean more. She usually wore me out putting her to bed which meant me finally laying down with her. So if I didn't clean before she went to bed it didn't get done until the next day.

    Tonight we started our new routine. Although tomorrow night it will be much earlier.

    It also means me getting out of bed earlier in the mornings but I need to anyway!

  11. Good luck on the new routine.

    I just followed Emily's natural cues and she could have written the book Emma4646 wrote about.

    She takes short, 30-40 minute AM nap, then an afternoon nap of about 60-90 minutes...and sleeps within 15 minutes one way or another 12 hours, 7PM-7 AM.

    I feel so lucky, she loves to go to bed and 9 out of 10 times she goes the bottom of the stairs and tries to unlatch the gate, so it is not hard to figure out when she is ready for bed.

    I wish I could remember where I read it, but early on I read about really watching for the clues and following them, quickly...because a baby's 'window' is only about 15-20 minutes and then they start getting overtired.
  12. the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child is the best book written for learning about kids' sleep IMO. It just makes sense. And when you follow the cues outlined in it everything falls into place.
  13. ^LOVE that book... been following it since my lil' man was born. He is now one and sleeps for 12 hours - 8PM to 8AM and takes two great naps, though we are transitioning (I think!) to just one.
  14. Isabelle's schedule is exactly like Emily's! I am glad that the short morning nap is OK because I was worried that she wasn't getting enough daytime friend's baby would take a 2 hr nap while Izzy is wide-eye and bushy-tailed after a 30 min AM nap!
  15. I wish my kids would go to sleep earlier, but we are on a slightly different schedule because my husbands work schedule. The earliest he gets home is 7:30 but it is usually between 8 and 9 and when the time changes again he has to work even later. He works 12 to 14 hour days and doesn't get a full weekend off so the kids (for now) stay up a little later. He gives them their bath every night and has done this since they were born and then he hangs out with them for a little while. Hopefully by the time they are in school he will have a different job but if not they will be going to bed earlier then. It is more important to us that for now he gets to spend time with them rather than worrying about when they go to bed. They both get about 10 hours of sleep at night. The 17 month old naps for about 2 to 2 1/2 hours usually between 1 and 3.