Sleep schedule

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  1. Any moms out there big believers in schedules and sleep training for their little ones? We’re doing it a bit with Vaughn (not very strict), but if we didn’t he wouldn’t sleep unless he’s being held! I did that for 8 weeks then decided I can’t live or do anything unless I get him to sleep on his own.

    There are so many ways to go about it, interested how you all do it with your little ones!
  2. I feel your pain. We sleep trained our two daughters. I would have gone crazy if we didn't. Having kids is exhausting! They are now ages 3 and 6 and sleep fine on their own. We used one of those white noise machines to help them sleep. It kind of sounds like a fan. And if I remember correctly, we would wait 10 min. before going into the their room to comfort them. I think it's important that they learn to self soothe so they can get themselves back to sleep. Also, make sure they have eaten before bed so they don't wake up hungry. Night time diapers are good so they don't wake up from feeling wet. And if they are very young, make sure they are swaddled well. We used a sleep sack called the Woombie. It swaddled them and they couldn't undo it unlike a regular blanket. Hope some of this helps. If all else fails, you can try a child sleep consultant. Good luck!
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  3. How old is he now? You mention 8 weeks, which I think is too young to try. Babies that young don't have the ability to self-soothe - they are physiologically not there yet. I know it is limiting if baby can only sleep while on you, but know they won't do that forever and it's just where they are right now in their development. Good luck.
  4. I used the EASY schedule for my son. I was pretty clueless and didn’t have family nearby for help. By 2-1/2 mos. he slept through the night. I’ve blocked it all out now, but I think I remember having to wake him for feedings. At 6, he still sleeps straight through for 9-10 hours. He was a very easy baby though. So easy I’m afraid to tempt fate and have another one!
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  5. Oh! And my friend recommended getting a large exercise ball to sit on and bounce the baby to sleep. (You holding the baby.) It worked like magic for my son. Kind of fun too.
  6. No truer words can be spoken, having kids are exhausting!! So Millie was naturally a fairly great sleeper and to be honest even when she wasn't, I just powered through and kind of forgot it. But she did fall asleep easily on her own and was ok to be put down. This little guy would ONLY sleep if he was being held the first 8 weeks, and I loved it, but I couldn't do anything!

    I'm a big believer in kids learning to self soothe in a really safe and loving way, so that is what I'm working toward as well. We have a good swaddle for him and keep finding our way! Going to look up the Woombie!!

    I do know a sleep consultant that I might reach out to, but I feel like Vaughn is finding his way :smile:

    He's 11.5 weeks now! I might have worded the post wrong, I don't ever let him cry without swooping in and holding him and I do so happily! It was just easier to do that when I only had Millie versus trying to manage the two of them when he only wants to be held.

    What I meant to say above was that for the first 8 weeks I only held him to sleep. He spent all day sleeping on me because the minute I placed him down he would wake up. So I spent a lot of time in bed or on the couch holding him for hours while he slept. I know there are so many techniques and ways that people raise and care for their children, that was more of what I was interested in.

    I'm not a cry it out person though, not finding fault with those that do, it simply isn't for me. Just been trying to find the gentlest way or tips to get him to sleep on his own (actually have been having some luck the past few days) because I can't spend 12 hours a day mostly just holding him!

    Ah going to look at that! We are definitely not close to Vaughn sleeping through the night and I don't think he'll be there soon. Millie is a great sleeper and I think Vaughn will get there too, I just forgot how long these first weeks/months are!
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  7. We followed the schedule from "Mom's on call" and it worked beautifully for us. I coupled that with using the pause to try to observe what was bothering baby before I rushed in.. It worked for us-- LO was sleeping from 7:30pm- 6am by 10 weeks..
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    Consistency is key as my husband tells me lol. I'm the one that wants to swoop right in as soon as our DS moves but my husband stops me in my tracks and two seconds later DS is back asleep.

    This has been our routine since the two month mark:
    - 1 hour before ideal sleep time (ours sleep at 8 so we start at 7) we go up to our room where he currently sleeps in his crib. This signals that it's bedtime and we've read that babies tend to cry if they wake up in a new environment from when they fall asleep.
    - we don't bathe him every night so on nights we don't, we'll do a little bit of play time with lights dimmed.
    - after that we read him a book and do a feeding
    - my husband will hold him and and typically in 5 - 15 mins he's asleep

    I know you're supposed to put them down when they're still slightly asleep but as my friend said no high schooler is ever rocked to sleep or doesn't roll over, so don't sweat the small stuff.

    He was born in the winter so we bought the weighted halo sleep sack and I swear that's why he sleeps until 6 everyday. Who doesn't like a heavy cozy blanket on them :biggrin: I also think the fact that my husband puts him down helps our DS sleep easier as he doesn't smell the milk from mama.

    I hope there was something helpful in there :smile:
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  9. I sleep-trained my kids from almost day one with great results. I never let them cry one single second though. I don’t believe in the need (or the good) of that. What I did do was to wake them up to eat. It never felt it was traumatic to them. It was all about rigorous schedules for napping, feeding etc. I read everything but I believe I was inspired the most by the EASY method.
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  10. Coming in with an update!

    So Vaughn is sleeping much much better. He’s 3.5 months now. My big problem before was he wouldn’t sleep if I put him down during the day and now he will. I usually have to go back in to settle him back down but that’s been working. I have a fairly set daytime schedule with him and that is what works - we’re still tweaking it but I don’t let him be away for more than an hour and fifteen minutes at a time.

    I realized he wasn’t eating enough during the day. I’m nursing so I can’t tell how much he is getting but I know what a good feed is and he wasn’t always getting enough. Sometimes I have to go get him and feed him during a nap while he’s sleeping. It’s not ideal but it works for now.

    We don’t have 12 hours of sleep at night but he’s lasting about 6 hours and I’ll take it! I think part of what wakes him is his reflux and the dr thinks around 4 months or 6 tops (hopefully) that should start to clear up more!
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