Sleep Problems while travelling - is this normal?

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  1. So.... my DD (8 months old) has been having sleep problems since we arrived in Vancouver from Toronto. The time difference is 3 hrs but my husband and I and her have all stayed on our original timezone so that she naps and sleeps at the same time each day.

    Problem is, she is waking up every couple of hours, crying, and her naps have been only about 20 mins then wakes up screaming. (at home she naps about an hour and wakes up happy!). Yesterday she had to take 4 naps just to get her through the day.

    I don't know if it's the strange surroundings (we are staying at my parents house so she has a room with a playard for her to sleep in) or something else? that is causing this.

    Also she isn't eating much solids, her appetite isn't great and she only seems eager to eat when I am nursing her.

    Is this typical? We are on day 3 now and I'm hoping this gets better! (I actually have to leave her with my best friend for several hours on friday while I am at the Olympics Opening Ceremonies and am very worried :sad: ).
  2. it could be the surroundings. my babies were very sensitive to that. they all loved their beds and it was hard to get them to nap else where, which was a pain if we had to go out of town. hopefully she will settle down and rest. :smile:
  3. Ooohhh- this is TOTALLY normal. We went to Belgium over the holidays to see the hubster's family and it was a nightmare. The little guy refused to change timezones (so we were up until 2am every night), he ate really poorly, and cried a LOT. He had a rough time getting to and staying asleep. As soon as we brought him home, all of the problems dissolved into thin air. I was warned about sleeping issues by pretty much everyone I talked to before we left. I think that babies are very sensitive to their surroundings- it's pro-survival if you think about it as it indicates a safe place. Taking them out of their comfort zone will logically throw them for a while.