Sleep Problem Crankiness

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  1. I developed sleep problems over the last few months. what happens is that i either have to stay up all night till like 4-5am and surf around at which time i'm either actually tired or my eyes are so tired that i'm irritable and can't possibly sit in front of the pc either. and then i can get to sleep.

    if i try to go to sleep at a decent time, i just lay there in bed but i can't fall asleep till hours later. :wtf: it's very frustrating and irritating cos alot of times i'm tired and i want to sleep but i can't.

    it's even more frustrating because i've never had sleep problems till recently and i'm guessing it's because of all the stress in my life right now. (too many details but there are alot of stressors in my life now)

    So sometimes i'm cranky when i wake up and alot of nights, i'm just frustrated because i can't get the sleep i need/want.

    and to make things worse, when i stay up late, i tend to eat junk food and binge. (i need to lose weight so that doesn't help). it makes it easier for me to go to sleep earlier if i stuff myself with food, especially carbs. (Ramen, pasta works!) now THAT doesn't help my weight situation either..... :cursing:

    sigh. i'm just a little cranky right now and ranting.... i don't think there's anything that can be done other than to take sleeping pills which i'm trying to avoid.... but if you guys know of anything, let me know... this sleep problem is driving me crazy. :push:
  2. i know you said you're trying to avoid sleeping medication....but i have to say, they are the BEST thing that ever happened to me healthwise. i now sleep and wake up at a normal time, i'm losing weight b/c i'm not binging at night, and the stress in my life seems much more managable somehow. i take trazadone, which is actually a antidepressant from the sixties that they figured out makes a better sleeping medication. it's not a sedative, so it's not addictive like some of the more popular ones (ambien, lunesta, etc). you could always try melatonin can find it at healthfood stores. i found it helpful when i was a teen and my sleep issues weren't as debilitating.

    good luck. sleeping issues are so hard.
  3. I take benedryl to sleep sometimes.....2 pills....its worth the drugged feelin to get the sleep sometimes!I wont take sleeping pills either!
  4. I've had insomnia for about three years now. It hits me every couple of weeks, somtimes more, and I will go three or four days without closing my eyes then sleep a full day away. I have tried so many different things but the only thing that worked was a drug that so zonked me I could barely function when awake. I just live with it now. I hope you get some relief!
  5. really? i didn't know... Hmmm ok i have some, i'll have to try it.....

    i was a smart ass and tried to go to this dance class. i din get enough sleep and i had lunch before class and then we did handstand type stuff and i was ready to puke and felt sick. WHAT was i thinking?? i should have known better !!

    i'm on tpf for a few minutes before crawling back to bed.

    at least we just eliminated the sleep problem temporarily!:push::push:

  6. Oh, sorry bubbles!
    I've done the benadryl as well...about 30 min. after taking it, I'm ready to zonk. And, if you have any pesky itches anywhere...bonus!

    I know this advice is easier said than done, but they say that you should really try sticking to a routine bed time so your body can adjust and get on cycle. If you're staying up really late and getting to bed at diff. times, your body is not going to know how to get back on it's 'normal/healthy' sleep cycle.
    Good luck dear!!
  7. Bubblicious, I'm going to tell you everything that has helped me the least bit, I've been dealing with sleep problems for five years.

    1. If I can manage to work out that day, it's 90% easier to fall asleep that night.
    2. Don't do anything in your bed except sleep! (well, and sex). Don't read, watch tv, or do anything in bed. Just sleep!
    3. Always ask your dr. first but ambien was really helpful to me for two years. the new one, Ambien CR, makes me "sleep eat" though - you get up and eat in the middle of night and forget it in the a.m. - so that's a problem for me. the regular one works but every now and then - no.
    4. learn how to do a mental "body scan," while you're lying in bed (helps clear your mind too). It will help you use your mind to lull yourself to sleep. It's so hard to learn but it can be done, I swear.
    5. wear a litle eye mask and wear earplugs. create a peacefull cocoon to help you sleep.
    6. Make sure your mattress/bed is conducive to relaxing. If it's too hard, buy an inexpensive feather bed or eggshell-shaped mattress cushion, down pillows, down comforter, whatever it is that makes you happy and comfy.

    A good friend of mine who is also a Ph.D. psychologist told me after four-five days with no sleep, the human brain starts behaving the same way as a schizophrenic's. See, there's a reason that we are cranky! lol. People need a solid night's sleep for a good reason. Chronic pain has been shown to be worse in those who sleep in spurts only and do not get restful sleep.

    p.s. I'll also note that I took trazadone but only for a few nights because I started having truly what I guess LSD experiences would be like. It was frightening! And also it can cause people to unfortunately wet their beds being so deeply asleep, they can't wake up when they normally would to go "powder their nose." That was way too heavy for me. Trazadone is a heavy duty drug way stronger than ambien and the other light sleep aids out there now.

    You can PM me if you want more tips. Just a few to get you started, I hope it helps! :heart:
  8. I hear ya! This past two months has been hell for me, totally stressed out at work. Last week was worse, lost two nights of sleep and on Friday, I hit my wall and had a break down. My boss sent me home early.

    I've been working out, in fact I lost some weight already. And I was doing really well but work has been really hard lately. Every night I think I'll be fine and won't need to take anything, lay down, then toss and turn all night and the next thing I know, it's time to get up for work. Today I did all the things I need to do to relax my body, but I'm not taking a chance tonight. I just took Ambien.

    Anyways, I just wanted to chime in and say I know what you're going through.
  9. I went through a period like that about a couple of years ago when I was going through a rough patch, so I know how you're feeling. It takes a while to get back into sleeping normally though, so don't stress about it - it'll just make you more nervous, and you won't be able to relax. What I found really helpful was doing yoga like 2 - 3 hours before bed, then a nice long shower, and the warm milk and honey. (I know, it sounds stupid, but it puts me to sleep every time!) Once I got into a routine with it, I was able to sleep like usual again - but realize that it takes a while for the body to adjust to the routine!

    I hope that you find something that helps you - good luck!
  10. wow i didn't know doctor gave it to me instead of ambien (which is what i asked for....a higher dose of ambien b/c the 5 mgs a family member gave me didn't work) she said it's less strong, less mentally and physically addictive, doesn't stop working like ambien can and doesn't completely supress the natural sleep cycle like ambien does. my mom's doctor only gives out ambien seven pills at a time because it's addictive.

    learn something new everyday. works wonderfully for me though.....just another example of how meds aren't one size fits all and why doctors are involved with all the sleep meds i guess. :smile:
  11. ^^Trazadone is actually an antidepressant with the side-effect of drowsiness which is why it's prescribed for bedtime. It is non-addictive but one can build up a tolerance for it, requiring higher doses.
  12. I'm really happy that it is working for you. You're right, different things for different people. Being able to try different ones to find what works best you is important. Glad to hear you are sleeping! lol. I will get there someday.:smile:
  13. There are many non-narcotic sleeping pills available out there.
  14. Magnesium works for me. I've had great experience with it!
  15. Have you tried cutting out caffeine?