Sld I get a HAC ?

  1. hello All !

    I've been offered a 32 HAC in brown (can't get the name of the exact colour at this moment, cuz i was in a meeting when my SA called and I cldn't discuss the details)

    Some brief info about myself:
    -Not actively looking for a Hermes bag.:p
    - Prefer a Birkin over a Kelly:yes:
    - Dont mind a kelly as i can sling it and carry my 1 YO DD at the same time ( as compared to the Birkin which i have to hand carry)
    - looking for a work bag which is big enough to fit my daily necessities (which includes a milk freezer bag - which is why i earlier turned down a 28cm kelly

    Wld like your opinions on wte the HAC is suitable for a work bag or sld i focus on the Birkin or the 32cm kelly instead (since i prefer the strap to sling it with)?

    TIA !!
  2. Well, the HAC is good for work because of its tall nature -- you can fit files and papers in it easily. However, there is no facility for a shoulder strap and the bag must be hand-held.

    It sounds like it could work for you if you don't mind the hand-held requirement. What was the leather?
  3. ^ I agree! Get it!
  4. hi Jasperella !
    Thanks !

    Just spoke to my SA - the HAC is box leather and in Havanne.

    She also has a 28CM kelly - oh my ! am so excited now !
  5. Vogue : haaha thanks !
    now it's a tuff choice between the 28cm kelly !!
    it's in stitch - which may NOT be able to fit my milk bags though :sad:
  6. Tosca, a Sellier 28cm kelly wouldn't be able to hold your milk bags. It's too small.

    If you get the HAC, it would be pretty heavy with the milk bags. Are you ok with that?

    But it's box!!!! Such a rare leather. Plus Havanne is so pretty too.
  7. queenie : i know !!!
    but but but (read: excuses) my milk bag is tiny now !! cuz yield has reduced. haahaa
    and kelly can be slung ... oh well ...

    *deep in thought*
  8. ^ In that case, get both! :graucho:
  9. Just keep in mind that the HAC has smaller handles than a regular Birkin and no strap.
  10. queenie:hahaaa, cannot ! i allow myself one !

    shopmom411: thanks ... true ... i have to go try it out myself to see how it fits :smile:
  11. I have seen the 32 HAC in Havanne Box Calf in person, and it's gorgeous. I almost bought it, but it was too soon after my Kelly purchase.
  12. I saw the Box HAC32 Havane with Cyclamen Trim. Very Nice bag. The nice SA showed it to me and the Cyclamen interior is absolutely stunning!!

    It's a great bag!!

    Let us know what have you decided...& Post Pics please!!

    The HAC32cm I saw were at Las Vegas Hermes...during my layover there. I loved it!! Great color.

    DO IT!!
  13. jasperella/Hermes only:
    thanks for your opinions! will probably view tomorrow and update here !

    I never thought i'd have this adrenalin rush over an Hermes bag !! even buying my own apartment didnt put me in such a frenzy !
  14. ^ I totally understand how you felt except I rushed down immediately after I received a call.

    I've done a search on this forum and mostly are about HAC vs birkin. Not sure if these threads would help you decide though:

    This is close but if only the dimensions are swopped.
  15. haaha yes - if only i cld go there NOW !!!

    thanks for the search results !!