SLC's handbag collection

  1. #1, 2, 3: Marc Jacobs
    #4: Fendi
    #5: Gucci
    #6: Juicy Couture
    #7: LV
    #8 & 9: Chanel
    #10: Chanel & LV accessories
    mjblack.JPG mjblue.JPG mjpink.JPG fendi.jpg gucci.JPG juicy.jpg lvcherry.JPG chanel reissue.JPG chanel tote.JPG accessories.JPG
  2. I love your collection especially the chanel! Thanks for sharing!
  3. I like the diversity i am in love with your MJ's, they totally rock! :rochard:
  4. So pretty, I especially love your CB pochette
  5. very nice collection!!!
  6. I love your collection!! I love the variety :heart:
  7. The mini MJ Venetia (?) is so cute!
  8. i love everything!! thanks for sharing
  9. Very cute, I really like the quilted Chanel clutch !
  10. Love your Chanels and Marc Jacobs. Great collection!
  11. love your collection...
    this is my fav Mj bag... maybe one day
  12. LOVE your collection, such a great variety!
  13. very nice collection, love the chanel!
  14. i love your chanel--great collection!!..thanks for sharing :smile:
  15. i love the marc jacobs:heart: