Slate or Blonde

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  1. Does anyone own the Nina. I was considering this bag for travel small enough but yet large enough for walking. I don't usually carry my large bags when I travel because I do not need as much stuff. What do you think and what color?
  2. Both colors are like eye candy. But I have seen both, and I tend to like the blonde because it makes the bag look more sporty.
  3. I love the slate. It's such a beautiful feminine color (at least imo) and it looks so classy on the nina. The blonde is gorgeous too, but the slate is the one that made me lust for the bag in the first place.
  4. Yeah...the slate is like no other color!!
  5. Here it is in blonde....I'd actually prefer the slate...


    I wonder with a full chain strap how comfortable that is....any thoughts? Dang, the price is right too!! Uh oh, it comes in black on
  6. ...and here's the slate...

  7. I thought the chain was heavy for such a small bag. I mean, it really was chunky!
  8. I love this bag, but I would probably use the handheld instead of the chain. I also wonder if doing so the chain would end up scratching the leather :confused1:.
  9. The Chain is VERY chunky. Deceivingly heavy for such a small looking bag. You can take it off and just use the hand strap. It's such a darling bag but I got it for the reason I could go shopping with it and carry a small shoulder bag essentials but after I got it I realized with such a heavy chain it wasn't going to be great for this. To me it's more of a going out bag.
  10. Yep, it came wrapped in paper and I sent it out that way. The slate would tend to show those white scuff marks I would think.
  11. I love the slate color!!
  12. I love the Slate, but not in love with that chunky chain..and think the bag loses its versatility if the chain cannot be the Blonde as well:smile:
  13. Go for Slate! It matches things remarkably well. Personally, I thouhgt the chain was pretty comfortable, however, I do have pretty resiliant shoulders :smile:
    I saw a darker brown color Nina at Nordstroms recently- not sure what the exact color was called though
  14. Glad I am not the only one, the chain doesn't bother me at all either, and definetely adds to the look of the bag.
  15. I love slate.