Slate Kooba Lena on Ebay 449.00

  1. Lexie, do you know if the Lena is heavy? That bag looks very cute. Thanks!
  2. The Lena is medium heavy. Not like the Ada but a little heavier than say a Sienna. I am used to large bags so it wasn't so bad but it is stiffer Kooba. It's a nice looking classy bag but it has it's shortcomings. Weird sidepockets that are kinda un-usable.
  3. I must say I do like the shade of slate blue. And he is a good seller to work with, I bought my Bonnie from him (haven't got it yet though).
  4. Thank you Ladies. The bag does look very pretty.
  5. I still Have a Charlie and Nina coming from him. He's been in constant communication with me about them. He says they may come in late next week.
    LadyRep, did he place an order for you or did you do it on eBay? Maybe your bag will come next week too if it was an order.
  6. Love that slate color!
  7. Love the Slate but not the Lena. I returned one to Saks last week as it would not stay on my shoulder with the stiff double straps. Beautiful bag but just felt very awkward to wear. I paid about 1/3 of the retail for sale at Saks online but even that wasn't enough to convince me to keep it. Too bad as it looks lovely in Slate.
  8. Yeah it looks nice but doesn't look like it would be comfy to wear.
  9. No, and it wasn't easy to get into either. It just didn't seem to open wide enough for me not did I like how it looked on. Oh, well...plenty more Koobas to love.
  10. Yes, is LOADED with them now!