Slain Pregnant Woman Was Alive While Baby Was Cut From Womb

  1. This is absolutely disgusting...I feel sick now..

  2. Omg how horrible, I don't care how insane that woman is, she needs to be executed. We shouldn't have people like her breathing the air on this planet.
  3. There have been several of these cases in recent years, and I don't understand WHY these women go so nuts? It is completely bizarre!!! :sad:
  4. I remember when this happened. For several weeks afterward, I noticed that my pathological and extremist views on internet safety and maintaining a total separation between offline and online identities were pooh-poohed with markedly decreased frequency and intensity.
  5. Disgusting and exactly why I support the death penalty. How about cutting HER to death like she did that poor woman. This world is full of sick people and this sickens me.
  6. I actually read the book about this case, which I cant seem to remember the title for the time being. Try hard as I might, the title just doesnt ring a bell right now.

    It is actually a 2nd book I read concerning pregnant women murdered for their babies. The other baby in the book I read also managed to survived the gruesome delivery, and the killer was also caught, tried and jailed.
  7. omg, thats the most disgusting article that ive ever read in my life!!!
  8. I agree, This woman needs to get the death penalty
  9. That article so made me sick! What that poor woman must have suffered physically not to mention her distress at where her poor baby was going to end up! It is inhuman!
  10. I hope she fries....
  11. I remember this case too... it's so disturbing.
  12. It's just sick....I hope she fries, too!!!!
  13. This sick woman was capable of having children, she already had some of her own I believe. But, she has her tubes tied for some reasons.
  14. wow. This woman should not be allowed to continue life.
  15. That woman deserves whatever's coming to her.

    But this piece in another article has given me some relief:

    Astonishingly, baby Victoria Jo Stinnett, survived . . . and is now almost 3 years old.


    Other articles say she lives with her father.

    I'm normally against the death penalty, but in some cases, I can make exceptions. This is one of those cases.