Slacking off....


Feb 3, 2006
I think that everyone experiences the feeling that they're not pushing themselves as hard as they can in life.

I'm a junior in college, and I know that I will pass my classes with decent grades by doing certaint things. I usually write excellent papers, my presentations go well, and my tests are normally around average ( I despise multiple choice!). Anyways, I feel as if I've been coasting. I've been missing classes for bad reasons ( I usually can not fall asleep till 3 am, thus I'm tired in the morning!), and my conscience won't let me feel good about it! I really want to excel when I graduate, but I feel my attitude as of late would be extremely negative to go through the rest of my college experience with. I also feel like I'm not allowing my classes to challange me intellectually, which is unfortunate because I'm taking some amazing classes.

So, my questions are:

Do any of you ladies have a similar situation going on ? ( the feeling is applicable to many different things!)

and, if so- what's the proper thing to do about?

I can either beat myself up about my behavoir lately, feel guilty, and then do better- or I can openly recognize the behavoir as harmful, but tell myself the past is the past and all I can do is learn from it? Either way I'm planning on doing a much better job! just thought I'd share. :smile:
Yeah.. all the time. I'm even worse - I fall asleep in class all the time. But my marks are pretty ridiculous, and I'm actually in line to win the gold medal for my departments for graduating averages (I just gotta beat the nerds !!!). I figure, if you can do it, no worries.
The one thing I see as a problem is messing classes just to mess them. You might really one day get sick or something and have no time left. I knew a guy who was REALLY smart and have got an A or B+ in the class, but got a C because he was always messing class. I say think of it as the past, though, just move on and try harder.
I totally know what you mean!!! I am going to graduate with my bach this summer, but have like 0 motivation too. I've missed a LOT of class because of my surgery and feel so behind its not even funny....this is demoralizing in itself. No matter what you missed the classes for, you have to tell yourself that you need to get through it! Do your profs have an attendance policy?

Get as much as you can out of this semester and just try not to make the same mistakes during the next :biggrin: You have time, I believe in you!!! :love:
I'm in the working world right now and I know I'm not using my talents and skills to the fullest with it but I am happy for the most part. I wish I worked out to have a toned body but I never did...that's the only part I really slack off with. You're not alone. After I graduated, things just changed. It's hard but you learn to adapt with the change or try to keep the pace you were going at.
I always try to excel in school. Everytime I have a huge test, I always study until 3 am. Due to my lack of sleep, I fail my tests because I can't remember what I have learned hours before. So I just slack off because I'm not motivated to do better on the next test...
Dani, I have been in your position multiple times while in undergrad and I'm sure everyone feels like that at least once while in school. Sooo many times have I felt like..."eff it...I am soo not motivated" You can't let that get the best of you. It wasn't until my junior/senior year in undergrad that I really had to suck it up and put in my full efforts to do the best that I possibly could. I know I should have been like the from the get-go but I think it was the fact that it was my last two years, and I was beginning the grad school/med school application process that really scared me. It made me realize that how I performed in my undergrad would determine whether or not I got into a school. Everything then mattered to me, grades, tests, extra curricular activities you name it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that once I saw my goal, the more and more I wanted it, and the fact that I wanted to get into med school really pushed me. Now I'm almost done with my first year and even though I've got 6-7 more years left of schooling, I keep pushing myself. It's difficult at times but I just tell myself, this is what I want, i've come so far, I can't stop now!