SkyDiving: Euphoria In The Sky

  1. I was wondering if any of you guys have ever actually gone skydiving, or if not, would you ever consider doing it? I accidentally came across a video of someone who had gone skydiving with a camera on their helmet off of YouTube and just watching it from their point-of-view up close and personal made my palms sweat and my heart race, but after that, I was hooked. It looked like a mind-blowing experience that just completely magnifies the senses, and really makes you feel alive. I was amazed to learn that they have different divisions to distinguish the level of which you're jumping from, such as a Accelerated Free Fall which is over a 19,000 feet drop! Just try to fathom the possibility... :s

    I've had a strict upbringing and a controlling mother for most of my life, who's suffocated me and never really let me experience things on my own and I feel that skydiving would be a way for me to embrace the real world and accept the feeling of vulnerability [jumping over 14,000 feet out of a plane should do it! :wtf:] and just feel FREE. It's a way to release your inhibitions and truely see the beauty of the world from a bird's eye view.

    I probably won't anytime soon but it's DEFINITELY something to consider in the near future. What about you all?

    Here are a few links to skydiving videos for those of you who want to tune in: How exhilarating!!!! Video 1, Video 2, Video 3. Like me, you don't have to have any experience on your belt to contribute to this thread! Just give me your thoughts! And if you do have any stories, by all means, CONTRIBUTE! :graucho: I'd be more than interested to listen. I don't expect to hear too many experience stories, though. tPF doesn't seem like the kinda place with skydivers lol. But you never know. :yes: I guess we'll see... Until then... :heart:
  2. Hi,
    i do not have any positive story to share.... just my own thoughts on this.
    i am a total scaredy cat and i am pretty sure that if i do that, i'm just gonna die in e sky or even before the jump.
    i once saw a video of smeone who was made to do sky diving and that person practically held on to side of the aircraft opening with all his might while everyone else is trying to make him jump... but that could be just for show, heheheheh,
    i dunno , but i have this mad fear about the body parts falling off due to the huge force when a person jumps off..... my feet gets all wobbly when i look down from a great height and i am only talking level 72nd of a building.

    i admire people who have e courage to do that and often wonder if they end up having nitemares after that.
  3. I haven't done it, but I plan on doing it. I am looking forward to it and if its something you think you'd like I say go for it! ;)
  4. Why on earth would I want to jump out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft :shrugs:. It's not for me.
  5. i'm too chicken! but i've always wondered if you get that falling feeling the whole way down... when i watch skydiving footage, it looks like they "float" for quite a while (and it actually looks quite enjoyable and slow!).
  6. Not a snowball's chance in hell!! But I know people who did it and it must be a fantastic feeling (afterwards!).
  7. Been there, done that, LOVED IT!!!! You get the biggest adrenaline rush from it. I would do it again and actually considered getting certified, but it's a very expensive hobby. They run around $250-$300 per jump.
  8. I haven't done it but I think I would love to. Definitely something I'm planning on doing later on.
  9. i haven't done ACTUAL skydiving, but you know the free-fall at Six Flags Great Adventure (i'm sure other Six Flags locations have it too?) Basically they strap you to a harness, lift you up with a rope up 150+ feet, and DROP you - and it's the most amazing, empowering feeling ever. For a few seconds, you really feel like you're flying over the theme park. I can only imagine that skydiving feels that much more amazing.
  10. ^^^Yep. It lasts longer, too. The only thing that was a little uncomfortable was when the chute deployed. Then the drag from the chute pulls you back up with such force. Guys, the harness has to be strapped around your groin properly otherwise you will be in so much pain when that chute opens.

    I have the whole thing on videotape. It's hilarious to watch because the wind is blowing on you with such force that your face gets distorted tremendously and the skin around your face can actually flap.
  11. There is no chance in hell I would jump out of an airplane!! I have a cousin who has done it like 750 times, and swears it is the best feeling in the world....I am just too chicken!!
  12. I haven't done it, and don't plan to ever. I'm way too scared to ever do anything like that, lol.
  13. My friend did it last year for charity and loved it! She was petrified beforehand though. My Mums done a couple of parachute jumps too, but thats not quite as scary as you don't have the free-fall element of sky diving. Personally I'm not that interested about doing one. I actually get quite a kick out of heights and being high up, but falling from a height sounds a bit too scary for me - especially when you read articles about people having their threads cut and broken. I think I'll stay on the ground for the time being.
  14. Skydiving was always something that seemed fun to do, but I don't think that I will ever have enough courage to do it. I can't even get on a ferris wheel, lol.
  15. Licensed diver and member of USPA here! Obviously, my opinion will be biased. Do it. It's a thrill that has no comparison.

    BUT do it because the process and the thrill fascinates or scares you. Don't do it because you think it'll be a piece of the "real world" -- cuz it ain't. At all. Which is what's wonderful about it! :yes: