Sky High over the Lindy Aviator Bag

  1. Yesterday A parchemin clemence lindy aviator flew in from the west coast to join my gold clemence lindy aviator. AND I AM SKY HIGH - OVER THE MOON - WITH JOY!

    After a great chat with the manager of my local H boutique and a little research on google, I found out that the design of the Hermes Lindy bag is inspired by the aviator totes that pilots use. The *Lindy* is named in honor of Charles Lindbergh aka Lucky Lindy. The new dance craze going around at the time of his historic flight - *Lindy's Hop* [across the pond] - was named the lindy hop.

    I'm convinced it's really a birkin with a shoulder strap and outside pockets. They just rotated the birkin handles from the front to the sides.

    Please share pics of your lindys!!!!

    Here are my 34 parchemin clemence and 34 gold clemence. A fellow tpfer's 30 rose dragee swift is also pictured.





    LJvintkelly 079%20.JPG LJvintkelly 080%20.JPG LJvintkelly 090%20.JPG lindys 001%25.JPG lindys 015%25.JPG
  2. Beautiful Hummingbird! Thanks for the pictures!:smile:
  3. Hooray H*Bird. When you go.... you go big!!

    2 at once - love it.

    Congrats on the parchement. Gorgeous.
  4. H'bird - Congrats!!!
    Beautiful Lindy!!
  5. Gorgeous, H'bird. Love them both. Congratulations on your new yummy addition.
  6. OHHH Hbird I think we have the same mad love for this bag. I am IN LOVE with Lindy! Seriously!!! What fabulous historical origins for this as well. I would cherish this bag over any other if it were in my collection.
    I admire the two that you have!
    Someday when I get mine we can have a Lindy party :smile: Are you free in 2010/2011? :smile:

    I'm thinking Raisin.
  7. Oh Hummingbird... absolutely gorgeous !!!! can't wait to see it on you. Congratulations....I will be in DC on the 13th and 14th... I could see you on the 14th and do some Christmas shopping?
  8. I think raisin's great! But please hurry, I'm no spring chicken here.
  9. Both are gorgeous!!
  10. Beautiful bag. Im falling in love w/Parchemin. Congrats. I wish I had tried one on when I saw it.
  11. I love how your Belles du Mexique shawl is complemented by both your gold and parchmein Lindys. Can't wait to see your modeling pics for the parchmein.
  12. H bird,

    I will never get tired of drooling over your Lindy's... keep the pictures coming!! Love them..
  13. Love, love the color. Too many Hermes bag, I don't know which one to choose.
  14. Yes, the 14th. I will make it work this time.
  15. Thank you Handybags. I have a rouge H flying my way too!!!! As MORGANNG said, I am under the lindy's spell.