Sky Blue

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  1. I am thinking about getting my first blue Bbag. I saw sky blue SGH @let- and they have it listed on ebay also. It seems they have it on their inventory for a while.

    Here is my question,
    Is sky blue not so popluar color?
    Are there any rub-off or fading (especially in the sun) problem?

    I only have black (first and city) so I am a little bit nervous getting a light color. Anybody who has sky blue or know any potential problem, please let me know ! Your input is highly apprediated. ;)
  2. Sky blue not only fades, but yellows as well, it really seems to be a problem with most of the mid to light tone blues!

    I wish you well,

  3. Thanls, Bridget S.

    That's a bummer. I am glad I asked. :crybaby:
  4. It´s really odd that some colors fade...

  5. I know. Sad too, considering how much the bags are :confused1:
  6. i have a sky blue GGH city and i am seriously considering letting it go.. i've only had it for less than a year and even my friends noticed that the color has significantly faded.. the handles yellowed within the first few months and there is rub-off on the corners..

    and besides i really dont like 08 leather.. i didnt know the difference when i got my city because it was my first bbag, but when i later bought 07's i found that it is relatively drier and thinner..

    such a shame cuz sky blue is a very pretty color!
  7. Thanks for sharing the story. I know Color itself is gorgeous. It's a shame.
  8. My sky blue city only lasted 5 months before turning green/yellow. Luckily NM was nice about it and offered a choice of another bag or credit my account. I am staying away from any light blues and possibly pastels in general (so sad because I love pastels). Had to resist very hard the blue layette ! The NM SA even said Bal was having problems with the black bbags turning green !!! My friend uses her Bbags only when the sun isn't shining (too drastic for me).
    Bal only uses vegetable dyes; so, maybe fading becomes a problem in the sun. Also, the clear coat tends to yellow with excessive sun and heat. Good luck with your color choices; that is what drew me to the BBags from LVs.
  9. I have a beautiful 08 sky blue RH city. It started yellowing the 3rd month in my possesion. I still have it as the leather is smooshy but it has become my everyday "throw around" bag. HTH
  10. I have one but haven't used it a lot, has anyone had a situation with if it yellows?
  11. How come it´s only the yellow and the sky blue that fades? :thinking:
  12. ^^ Some of the lighter pinks/purples fade as well. My 06 lilac has faded to grey.
  13. Oh, is that so?!? What about the Sapphire? Does it also fade?
  14. I am getting pretty nervous !

    So what colors are safe in blue family or for that matter any color beside black? I really want BLUE city with giant hardware.