Sky Blue Wallet- $400 BIN

  1. wow...that is pretty! if i was keeping my hobo i would have to grab that!! :yes:
  2. This is very very very very tempting. GORGEOUS color, and big enough to use as a clutch! It's a STEAL! :love:
  3. I've almost pressed BIN a few times on this one ... please someone take me out of my misery! ;) I would have already done it if I hadn't accidentally seen the total $$ amount I've won on eBay since May. If you want to avoid this problem, do not scroll down to "Buying Totals" in your "My eBay" account... :shame:
  4. someone bid on it- now no BIN and 5 days left and its up to $375.....
    i hate it when people do that.
  5. nooooooooo!!! why'd someone hit 'bid' instead of 'BIN'?!?!?
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