sky blue twiggy

  1. this is so pretty! thanks for posting, ladyisobel!
  2. a great starting price too
  3. ooooo on my watch list
  4. can't believe this beauty hasn't got any bids yet, i keep having an argument with myself over whether i should bid or not
  5. I'm watching her too.
  6. yes, its about time this one was snapped up !
  7. wow what a great price, and from a lovely lady too :love: !!!!!!!!
  8. winona, mimi, and isobel, you are sweethearts! :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :flowers: :flowers:
  9. I said it about the teal Twiggy too, but if I weren't expecting the Blue India Twiggy soon, I would be all over that!!!!! It's killllllling me!
  10. Good luck, Zeke. I would have bought it. It's beautiful but I've just bought a sky blue twiggy a couple of weeks ago!
  11. thanks, phooey! it's a mystery to me why this hasn't sold. it's really lovely! oh, well. you win some and you lose some, I guess.
  12. I am just seeing this! Great bag!! I love the color. Will you relist?
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