sky blue twiggy or rouge city?!

  1. hi ladies.. im newbie on balenciaga forum and would love to get some opinions.

    i got sky blue twiggy and just bought a calcaire city. i actually love city size better than twiggy as city is more practical as an everyday bag..
    so should i sell my sky blue twiggy (regardless its been disontinued) and get another city (im in love with rouge atm)?! also does anyone have any idea how much would it worth for used sky blue twiggy (just to give me roughly idea whether it would be worth it please)?!

    any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance! :heart:
  2. Yes- sell the twiggy if the city works better for you! No use in keeping it if it doesn't suit your lifestyle. As far as price- I don't know- someone else will give you an estimate I'm sure! Good Luck!:smile:
  3. :heart: thx zacorey.. im patiently waiting for some more opinions though
  4. WHAT! My opinion isn't good enough!:shocked: JUST KIDDING! LOL:lol:
  5. i appreciated ur opinion, of course zacorey :P :heart: :heart:

    i just need to get some reughly idea regarding the price before i decided to sell it, i mean whether it's worth to sell the used sky blue twiggy as it's been discontinued though :Push:
  6. yeah sell the twiggy. the price, well, it depeds of the bag's condition. Maybe $1050?? I am guessing.... :shrugs:
  7. Research completed auctions on ebay to see how much they've gone for. I know I saw some very reasonably priced ones recently that didn't sell. But with ebay, you NEVER know!
  8. get the roue city. as for price, i agree with checking on ebay although the price can be widely varied
  9. I think you should also consider carefully in which condition your twiggy is/what signs of wear it shows, since the prices on ebay may be pretty lower if bags are worn out.
  10. If you really prefer City size, I agree with Zacorey :
    you should sell it to fund a Rouge City !!!

  11. :yes:
  12. thx for all the replies ladies.. i really appreciated ur opinions :heart:

    i did search but unfortunately it seems like sky blue twiggy isnt selling well at the moment, but i might try my luck and list my twiggy some times soon:Push:
    *fingers crossed*
  13. I love the City and the Twiggy but I am not wild about sky blue. I would sell the bue and get a beautiful rouge city. Red accessories are so popular this season and the reds are such a pretty color. :yes: :graucho:
    pic020pafter.jpg pic020qafter.jpg
  14. Here are some past auctions for sky blue twiggy, w/purseforum discussions. I find it is more useful to search TPF for auctions, because eBay limits their completed searches to the last 30 days, even though the completed auctions are accessible for much, much longer!!!
  15. How sweet of you to post those, FF!

    Those are some good looking Twiggys..... now I am jonesing even more for my BI Twiggy!!!!