SKY BLUE TWIGGY... on it's way ^_^

  1. Okay.. bought a skyblue twiggy off ebay a week ago.. :P been checking the tracking # and I see that it's OUT FOR DELIVERY :yahoo: I'm at work, so I for sure won't be able to see it till afterwards (since it's being sent to my house...)
    :wlae: well i'm quite excited right now... ^_^~ this will be my 2ND b-bag... within'... 1 month and a half... I JUST got my mini twiggy not too long ago after joining this forum... and now have been totally addicted to it... look what all you have done to me... :shame: make me fall in love :love: :heart: ..

    anyways... i'll keep waiting and i'll take some PHOTOS soon ^_^~

    HAHAHAHAH... <--- :nuts: :nuts: happy laugh.
  2. Congratulations Eping!! I know what you mean about this board. I don't even own one yet - and I'm still addicted to them like you all.
    I am really excited for you. I think the Sky Blue color is one of the prettiest.
  3. How exciting! The Sky Blue color is very pretty.
  4. aw.. congrats! skyblue is a great colour to wear !!
  5. thanks you girlssssssssssss... ^_^~... i'm sooooooo excited... keep checking the tracking page... seeing if it arrived... ^_^~~~

    Yah skyblue is sucha pretty color...

    I'm already thinking of a darker color... i love BLACK... so probably a black city... ekkk ^_^~
  6. Congrats eping! How exciting for you!!!!
  7. woohooooo sooo exciting!! :yahoo:
  8. hey eping!!! 0o0o0 sky blue is such a pretty colour!!! you'll LOVE the twiggy style!!! congrats, i cant wait to see pics!!!
  9. Congratulations! Sky blue is so gorgeous, I can't wait to see your pics! You'll have a baby and a mommy b-bag!
  10. OK... i'm home and i got my bag ^_^..


    It's different from my mini twiggy... i think it was repainted... *_*
    can you give me your guys' expertise?...

    anyways, i still love the shape, the size... but it's just not the same smooshyness w/ my mini... and the color is different, a darker sky blue..
    here' some pictures:


    sorry for my MESSY MESSy room :smile: kakak..

    anyways... i love the bag...

    sOOOOO... can i know why do ppl repaint their bags?... and how can i make it smooshier??

    PLEASE... ADVISE girls... :love: :love: :love:
  11. does look repainted, but whoever did it did a great job. I think it still looks great and pretty smooshy too. Maybe you could use Lubriderm on it, but I'd test an area first to make sure the paint doesn't "bleed" or anything like that. I still thank it looks awesome, congratulations!
  12. Thanks PippoP... been waiting for someone to help me :yes: ... what is Lubriderm, how will it help?... it's smooshy, but not AS smooshy as what i expected... the pictures looks pretty good, but if look up close sorta crackly... *_*~... but overall it's not that bad...

    u have any ideas why people repaint them??
  13. ^Maybe it was really dirty, beyond cleaning. Maybe it got burned or something that would permanantly change the color. I have no idea, but it does look like they got it professionally painted.
    Lubriderm is a type of lotion; you should do a search for it. It's a type of lotion that really softens the leather; but it needs to be the dye and fragrance free kind. It took a lot of the veins out of my '06 leather. Like I said though, make sure to test first!
  14. mmm thanks... i will do some research for sure :smile: