Sky Blue RH Day at Nordstrom Arden Fair

  1. I got the call today--the sky blue RH Day I had been wait listed for arrived at Nordstrom Arden Fair. I promptly went to pick it up.

    It is pretty but looking at it, I'm now wondering how much of a blue girl I am. I've been wanting it since I saw the selection of SS08 colors but perhaps it was more because I don't have a blue bag.

    Anyhow, Nordstrom Arden Fair got three Sky Blue Days. I have one, another is reserved, but as of 4:00pm there was a third one available. If I decide to return mine, I'll post it so you can contact Nordstrom (916-646-2400 ask for Barbara or Claudette) about purchasing it from them.

    BTW, I saw an EB City with GSH. It is spoken for but the blue is really lovely. Very deep and lovely.