Sky Blue or Vert Thyme City

  1. Everytime I see a "new" color IRL, I get confused what to get. First, I wanted a Bubble Gum City. Then I thought I wanted a Sahara (but it looks plain). Then today I saw a Sky Blue City beside a Vert Thyme City RH. Now, I was wondering which is more versatile?

    Sky Blue RH City or Vert Thyme RH City?

    Why is it soo hard to decide? :nuts:
  2. I tried both on. Visually, I much prefer the sky blue. But worn, it's vert thyme hands down for me :shrugs: So if you can, I'd try them on.
  3. I just bought the Sky Blue with GSH and it is to die for! Love, love, LOVE IT! :yahoo:
  4. ^Which style? Can you post pics? Congrats!! :yes:
  5. VERT THYME!! It's so soft and pretty!:p
  6. Oooh this is a toughie :doh:

    Vert Thyme varies so much on my monitor that I'm not sure WHAT it looks like IRL! In some pics I LOOOVE it and in others I'm like "ooh, no..." or "that wouldn't match with alot of my stuff". Whereas, Sky Blue always looks the same... and it is delicious!

    So my vote goes to Sky Blue - but keep in mind I haven't seen either IRL, and if I were too my vote may change b/c I am a BIG TIME sucker for anything green :p
  7. I've yet to see either IRL, but I'd say that vert thyme will be easier to wear by far. It's much more neutral than the sky blue. Personally, light blues are probably some of my least favorite bals, so I'd definitely vote for the vert thyme.
  8. Vert Thyme all the way!
  9. Talked to the SA and she thought Sky Blue was more versatile, but in my opinon Vert Thyme looks much neutral but not really.. so it still stands out.
  10. I've not seen either IRL but Vert Thyme looks like a great neutral!!
  11. I vote for Vert Thyme:smile:
  12. OMG I saw the sky blue yesterday. HOT. And I thought the sahara was perfection too...I may get it. I feel like vert thyme is more versatile but the sky blue is amazing...I go for the blue, it's special!
  13. i think VT is a neutral and may be more versatile, but sky is, imho, an inherently prettier color. i thought VT looked a little too grey-tinged. i think this is the classic question of bright vs neutral balenciagas. both have their merits
  14. Like south-of-france, I tried out both Vert Thym & Sky blue & find Sky Blue more appealing but Vert Thym look better when on me. I vote Vert Thym!!!
  15. i'm imagining that sky blue would be my vote..but may i ask what skyblue really looks like? is it like this?