Sky Blue or Ice Blue??

  1. I purchased from that seller before, prepare for your bag to arrive to you in lightning speed!! Oh, and it definitely looks ice blue to me!
  2. Congratulations!!! And I agree it's ice.
  3. I just recently noticed the color ice blue. Not a fan of sky blue but the ice blue is simply gorgeous. More wearable for me. Might have to put that baby on my wish list.:P
  4. That's Ice Blue, it looks exactly like mine =)
  5. I don't want to ask a rude question but is Ice Blue prettier IRL? To me it looks like a washed out, faded, old and sad color. Maybe the color doesn't translate in pics?
  6. I think it's pretty. It's just a real pale icy blue/white. Just a matter of preference, I suppose. There are some very popular Bal colors I don't get, but others love them.
  7. Oh, of course not every color is for everyone. I just can't seem to get a grip on the color, lol.. I'd love to see it IRL. I don't know why I'm intrigued by it yet I don't like it. Go figure.
  8. I will say that it seems like you'd have to be careful carrying ice blue because it probably gets dirtier more quickly than others. I suppose calcaire, white, pale rose, etc., fall in the same "dirty quickly" category.
  9. [​IMG]here is a pix of my ice blue weekender to show you a better pix of ice blue color.:love:
  10. Oh, that looks great!
  11. The bag is beatiful, Rondafaye! Congrats!:yes:
  12. Looks great, Chauss!

    There's an Ice Blue Twiggy on eBay that has the nicest leather.. I always find myself checking out the listing over and over. I've done that every time I see an Ice Blue! lol
  13. Oooh...I wonder if it's my listing:graucho::graucho: Hehe.
  14. After seeing Rondafayes makeup and planet on another thread, I really like the ice blue. Its soooo pretty. I'm a big fan of the pale pink too. A little worried about the dirt factor but, I may have to venture over to the ice blue side really soon! thanks for sharing those pictures on the other thread by the way!
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