Sky blue; opinions?! Please post pics of yours!

  1. Hi everyone, i think im falling in love with the sky blue colour, but im scared that it looks faded:rolleyes: What are your opinions?
    I would really appreciate it if i could see pics of your sky blue bags:drool: before I take the plunge! This will be my first Bbag! Also what year and season was this colour released? And is this a popular colour? Thanks everyone! xx
  2. Hi, the sky blue is a beautiful colour, it is a 2005 bag and a rare and popular colour, but it is extremely prone to fading and yellowing.
    I bought this used sky blue city a while ago, it is hard to see the yellowing but it was pretty bad! I ended up having the bag re-dyed but it's jut not the same and I wouldn't recommend it. I have since purchased a sky blue day which has even colour and the leather is TDF!! Very soft and smoochy!! I would only consider buying this colour if the one you are buying is in good condition, with no fading, as it is very hard to tell from pics!

    Anyway here is a pic of my sky blue which was heavily faded and yellowed, I managed to try and restore the colour slightly, using LMB products but in the day light the fading was bad! My mum ended up adopting her now she has been re-dyed...:biggrin:I will post a pic of my sky day later...hope this helps!
  3. oh god that is gorgeous! Was that before you had it re-dyed? It looks great! Mmm the one i am looking at looks more faded, almost an icey blue colour!
  4. Hi, mine 05 sky blue day and i think it's one of the popular color during the season....but this baby is no longer with me and is with a new loving mummy:crybaby: :crybaby:

    So far, my bag do not really turn yellow or fading easily probably i apply leather moisturier to keep the leather intact.....Based on the pic, u can see it urself:heart: :heart:
  5. This pic is from before I had it re-dyed, but the yellowing was mostly on the back and on the is so hard to tell from the pics! I would ask the seller if the bag has any yellowing or discoloration before buying it, just to be safe! As you can see from Celia's the sky blue is lovely and perfect for summer!
  6. I think it's a great color which goes with everything in the summer. Great for dresses and jeans. I love it personally.
  7. It is a nice color; not sure though how to stop it from yellowing. Here is a pic of mine:
    ice blue8.JPG
  8. ^^ Becca your twiggy is yummy!!:drool::drool:
  9. Another Twiggy (chubby from stuffing).

  10. ^^ I asked the seller if the bag had any yellowing or discoloration and she said it I would be very careful before buying! Although the general condition isn't too bad! It might be worth taking the risk if you really want it....or ask for some more pics of where the yellowing is? Goodluck and let us know how you get on!
  11. Here's a comparison pic of Sky Blue bags [City was redyed by LMB, Planet/Boobie is like new original color, Day bag is pre-loved so the color has softened]

  12. oh wow! Thats what the city looks like! Thanks girls ever so much! I could not be bothered with re-dying, i dont live by a Bbag shop so it would be too much hassle! I will wait i think for a better one to come up! But I have also seen the glacier colour, its soo pretty! Thanks for your help girls! xx
  13. I love sky blue and I don't buy blue bags!!! I just love the leather on the sky blue bags so much!!!~ and the color is so pretty!!! Hope you can find one that you like!
  14. I love the sky blue! :yes: although, I just can't seem to fit a light colored bag into my wardrobe OR my lifestyle. I tend to be a little careless and I don't like to worry every second that I will get it dirty which is why I sold mine last week. :crybaby: It was gorgeous though!! :yahoo:
    Sky Blue Day 2005.jpg Light Blue Day 2005.jpg