Sky Blue on Ebay - Going in less than 2 hours

  1. Auction #6872280725. I have no idea if its real or not. None has bid on it (yet) and the reserve is $550.
  2. I'm not sure if it's real, but I'm kinda turned off by the fact that the bag is pretty worn/dirty, if you look at the larger pics of the bottom, and the bales...
    *sigh* Love the color though!!
  3. That is an ice blue city - I have one, and it is very prone to getting dirty.

    If additional pictures proved it is real then it would be a steal; since you can clean that up with little Apple leather conditioner.
  4. Are you sure it's an ice blue not sky blue?
  5. If it's the real thing- I think it's a fabulous price!!!
  6. here is my ice blue:
    puppy.jpg iceblue.jpg

  7. I am 99.9% sure is is ice blue; of course if there was a tag pic I could tell for sure...but, the sky blue was more consistent, the color did not have a glazed effect - see my pics and then look at the auction.
  8. Hmmm it's hard to tell with the photographs from the auction. The seller says sky blue though? I don't know, you're probably right.
    Loganz your dog is so cute! I love the one lying on the ground, we can see the paws! Awwww!
  9. Well someone got it! Hope it is authentic..
  10. I was sooo watching that one! Holy crap it sold for 570!
  11. I love that bag :love: :love: :love:

    I saw the ice blue city on eBay, and I was thinking about it - but, I'm still waiting on the apple green city (somewhere, out there...) :amuse: