Sky Blue Hobo.. Low Bin! $499

  1. I was just looking at this one! Needs a loving home to do some refurbishment though...but great price (especially if you like your B-bags with a "lived in" look).
  2. yah, someone grab it soon ^_^~~
  3. ^ Love it. ;)
  4. Wow, this price is crazy low. Can't believe no one's snapped it up yet.
  5. Oops, didn't see that EPing posted it the same time I did since I just posted this in another thread =P
  6. It's pretty grey and dirty on the top.
  7. she is really great about getting back to you when you email her usually. it is a totally different time zone there so maybe that's the reason she hasn't gotten back yet. it's 7:55 am in hong kong so maybe she is still sleeping. :yes:
    i have bought 3 bags from her, one being my 1st Bbag:love: . she is super fast to ship too!
  8. it looks kinda dirty tho... can you clean this?
  9. look at the other one she has, i bought one just like it from her!! :love:
  10. did it smell like mothballs at all? you should definitely ask about that since I got an LV cosmetic case that smelled like mothballs and I had to send it back. It wasn't mentioned in the auction either.
  11. WONDERFUL seller! Very sweet and usually answers questions quickly. I highly recommend her to anyone!
  12. all 3 bags i have bought from her have never smelled like mothballs. but i know of another MPRS that i have bought from and they have smelled like that :Push: .
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