Sky Blue First PIC:)

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  1. Happy New Year everyone!

    I just got this picture of Sky Blue sent to my cellphone by my SA and it looks awfully like the EB I saw in a couple of the threads....but anyways, it's not that exciting to me, but maybe someone will find this helpful:smile:

    :yahoo:2008 is here!
  2. Yeah, I agree...looks much more like electric blue! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Okay, I'm super confused now...I just looked at swissflower's EB bag, and it looks NOTHING like this...yet this doesn't look like Sky Blue.
  4. cell phone pics (at least mine) are not too good. what is it? skyb with bad lighting?
  5. Yeah, that's what I was thinking, but what's confusing me is that it looks a lot like a blue I saw in Barney's that the salesperson called Electric Blue (and didn't look like sky blue in person). Is there some other blue being released that we don't know about?
  6. horrible lighting is to blame for this picture IMO
  7. fiat, remember that many sa's don't know squat about bbags. i was at a nm and saw a very badly used vg ggh day and asked why it was at full price since is was in so bad a condition. the sa told me it was new and they would get more in stock.'ers have been looking everywere for a vg ggh day and this lady says it is a new color and more will be in stock! :wtf:
  8. Well, yeah, I have experienced the SA problem many times. ;) I was going by how it looked to *my* eye compared to the Sky Blue bags I had seen the day beforfe at Neiman's...and really, this blue at Barney's looked different--it was darker, and it was more blue-grey -- it was a lot like the first pics of EB that were posted on this this one:

    Well, after comparing the above pic w/the first pic on this thread...they do look different. Maybe there is a darker batch of Sky Blue? Ugh...I dunnol... ;)
  9. The first pic sent to the cell phone looks like Blue India to me, but then again I've only seen BI in pics.
  10. I saw sky blue IRL at Nordstrom and to me, it looked EXACTLY like cornflower from 2006. I borrowed this cornflower photo from the reference library because in terms of color, the sky blue bag I saw looked just like this:
  11. I had the same expereience recently. At the department store where I was looking, there was one new Sky blue city and a darker blue First, which looked used. I think it was a returned bag, cetainly not an EB. Sky blue is a little darker than the '05 color but still light blue. The SA's had no idea what was old or new.
  12. i have just bought a sky blue so i will post pictures when it arrives, the pictures i saw were a completely different to that mobile phone picture!
  13. The Sky blue I saw today was much lighter than EB, it's so hard to get good pics of these blues!
  14. This definitely looks like a bag lighting issue. It's hard to tell WHAT color it is.
  15. When I saw Sky blue, I thought it was a really pretty color, but I didn't like the leather of the bag I saw. I just found the cell phone pics I took for someone, and here they are. The lighting was impossible, and the 2 look totally different and drab. The real color is in between and a lot nicer.