Sky Blue First, Anyone??

  1. so pretty!
  2. i feel like i've seen that auction before.
  3. Noooo I was watching that baby! It's gone :cry: Congratulations to the winner!
  4. I was watching this one, too! Congrats to the winner--she got a great deal! :smile:
  5. Is the winner a PFer?
  6. It is official that this ebayer screwed me over on an auction she won from me. Finally, today, she let me know that she would not be paying-I guess this could be a he as well. Meanwhile, 'it' has won two other Balenciaga auctions. I know ebay won't give a crap, but if you are a seller, please beware.
  7. Urgh I hate time wasters! I had the same problem with my apple green hobo that a banned PF member won! Still waiting ebay to refund my fees...
  8. Seriously? That really sucks! Is there anywhere I can post this person's id? I'd hate for her/him to waste anyone else's week waiting for a payment.
  9. Thank god Vlad banned her! Her ebay id is pakigurl03
  10. I remember that! I'm sorry that happened to you! I blocked that bidder from my auctions that did it to me. I can't think anyone would be that dumb to bid on an item from a person they didn't pay before, but you would also think she would have gone and bid on some MJ or LV to stay of the Balenciaga know?
  11. Yeah.. block her from your bidder's list.:yucky:
  12. Hi tin,
    What do you do in that case? Offer the next bidder down a 2nd chance offer? Or did you have to totally re-list? What a pain.:shocked:
  13. I'm not sure what I am going to do. So far, I have only been fuming, and that has taken up quite a bit of time. ;) I can either email another bidder and offer them a second chance or I can re-list. I am going to think on it.
  14. tln - what were you selling? Also, who was your deadbeat bidder - the same bidder who won this auction? I'm confused by the mention of pakigurl3 who is not the seller or buyer in this auction...