Sky Blue Day

  1. Hey.
    I just bought a Sky Blue Day bag (on the phone) at Bal-NY....They have one more left in case anyone is looking for this bag....:idea:
  2. Did you have to fax them your info?
  3. They take all information over the telephone :yes:
  4. Thanks :smile: I only asked because last time I had to fax BalNY my info..and I don't have access to a fax machine at the moment!
  5. Nope...Just called and asked if they had the bag and she (Daisy) said they had 2...So I gave her my cc number and address over the phone...
  6. I hope I like it! I haven't seen one IRL yet...Has anyone?
  7. hi marla, another long islander. Where are you located? I am in suffolk. And no haven't seen on IRL but the color looks great in the photos.
  8. HI!! I'm in Old Bethpage (which is on the border of Nassau and Suffolk)....What town are you in?
  9. Dix Hills. We are practically neighbors!!!
  10. My husband grew up there and went to Half Hollow Hills High School East!
  11. If you ever want company to go into the city to Bal-NY or Barneys, etc....let me know....I have absolutely no friends that are into bags! How sad....:sad:
  12. marla - i saw sky blue today, not in the day style but city/first/work and it was GORGEOUS!!! i also tried on the day style in black and loved it :yes: i think you will be VERY pleased.

    please post pics when you get it!
  13. The Sky Blue is gorgeous, especially the city with GSH! Had to have it. Also, after saying I didn't like the EB because it is too dark...walked in and saw it with the RH and loved it! Had to have it too! These Bbags are veerrryyy habit-forming! :okay:
  14. Marla, I would love to have a buddy to go into the city with. Maybe in the spring when the weather warms up. Right now, I am waiting for the EB so this will give me some time to save for the next one! I also don't know anyone into bbags, or for that matter, anyone who would spend money like that on bags. My friends would consider committing me if they knew!

    Luvhandbags, are you saying you bought both. How wonderful. Please post pics for us!!!!!!!
  15. I saw Sky Blue City with GGH & the colour is so gorgeous! It is such a vibrant blue, like sunshine bouncing off the clear blue sea. Congrats marla523 & post pictures when you get yours!