Sky Blue Day bag - photos

  1. As requested, here is a picture of my new bag that just arrived today. I'm really happy with it....
  2. cOngrats.. shes gorgeous... modeling pics now~! :woohoo:
  3. Beautiful colour ... it really pops! It's alot brighter than I thought it was ... so pretty!
  4. OMG, I love it! :love:
  5. Lovely colour - looks really good with the relaxed Day style.
  6. I got one too and was one the fence but I'm pretty sure I'm keeping it now.

    Looks like you have a really nice one--good saturation!
  7. wow, marla, your sky blue is gorgeous. the color seems richer than the one i saw IRL at the printemps haussmann paris shop. congrats. love your day.:tup:
  8. congrats!! pretty!! modeling pics please!!
  9. 0o0o0o YUM!
  10. Its leather looks so yummy, color is so saturated! Congratulation!
  11. oh it looks fabulous. It looks really pretty and brighter than some others that have been pictured here. Congrats!
  12. very nice. i would love to see some modeling pics.
  13. Congrats~~ I would also love to see some modeling pics hehe
  14. :nuts: I love the sky blue in Day!! I just recently fell inlove with this style, and after this photo, I think I want one in this color!!!Congrats Marla!!
  15. i love the color!