Sky Blue Day--$549 BIN!! $499 SP from a PFer!

  1. :sweatdrop: ugh...this is so cute! I was hoping ink and/or oxblood would be my first b bag, but can i splurge on the sky blue?
  2. Very generous that she's including a $75 gift cert. for refurbishing...I am so tempted....
  3. ^I know, that's a great idea!
  4. grweat extra lil gift
  5. it's a great price. Goodluck to all the bidders and since the seller is a PF member...goodluck to them on the sale too. =]
  6. I would so get this if I had not just splurged on an ink day.
  7. That's a great deal! The gift certificate is the perfect touch!
  8. NOOOOO! :sad: I clicked BIN and the seller doesn't ship to Canada.
  9. Oh, Message her, maybe she will since you're a PFer.
  10. Oooooh, Lovely bag!! Congrats Azia
  11. ^ I wish! Someone got to it before the seller could send me a reply back. :/ Maybe next time! :smile:
  12. DARN!! I thought you had gotten it!
  13. ^ Lol, for a second there, I had, too! Dreaming....:biggrin:
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