Sky Blue City!

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  1. hey, i sold her that bag! well, for what it's worth, when i sold it to her, it was virtually new. and she is really nice, if i remember correctly.
  2. p.s. whoever it was who was considering paying $1900 or whatever it was for a sky blue city, i hope you see this.
  3. ^^I can't remember who that was...but she bought the pricey one, didn't she? Maybe I'm confused.

    Anyway, that is a gorgeous bag!!!!!!!! I hope someone here gets it!
  4. See how smart you guys are!!! I don't know about the one for $1900, but you all gave me good advice against paying $1550. Telling me that this color an style seem to come up often! Thank's to you I got mine for $1,089.00!
  5. oh, that must be the one i'm thinking of. glad you got a good deal! :yes:
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