sky blue city on ebay from one of our fav PFers -- $1290 BIN

  1. aww... thanks, chi! :love:
  2. Good luck esile!! I love the leather on your sky blue! It's very yummy :yes: .
  3. good luck, esile!
  4. what a great buy!!!!!!! :love:
  5. Fantastic sky-blue city :yahoo: !! GOOD LUCK with your sale esile . . . hope it will find a lovely new home soon ;) :yes: :heart:
  6. good luck esile! beautiful sky city... I havent seen one in this good of condition since they were in stores. :heart:
  7. Oh its gorgeous......Why am I broke?!
  8. Gorgeous bag Esile, good luck with the sale!
  9. thanks, chloe, jen, mims, first, mocean, english, chloe231.:flowers: i hope it goes to a PFer.
  10. Good luck, Esile!:flowers: I soooo wish I could get it! I hope a PFer wins it!:heart: