Sky Blue City BIN 698

  1. It has only been used "20-30 times" but man does it look tired!! I know it's a light color, but I didn't think that the leather would fade so quickly....?
  2. i think 20-30 times is an estimate... haha I think it was used much more than that, but the price does reflect it's condition. Its probably been used often since spring/summer 05... :yes: definetly for someone who likes the more worn-in look.
  3. I was wondering if it was the lighting or something because I didn't think it could be faded that badly along the top of the bag and corners after only 20 or so uses. It's pretty inexpensive, though, so you could maybe take it to a cobbler and see if they could redye those areas or something.
  4. Maybe this person bought it secondhand from someone who used it 200-300 times....and then she used it only 20-30x! Who knows!
  5. with that fading, it looks more like ice blue!
  6. I had a bag that I used for 3-4 months daily and it faded like that, but I live in hawaii... lots of strong, constant sunlight.
  7. This is the same seller of the Black City with Pewter hardware that Mimi scored. Interesting, as they both are very inexpensive and uh, well-used.
  8. I actually like the fading very much! :yes:
  9. Yeah, I noticed it was the same seller! I think she's a bit rough on her bags - I noticed in some of her feedback that people commented that her items often looked a lot more worn than in the description, so I'd be a bit hesitant. But the prices are really good though!
  10. I'm wondering if it was left out in the rain a few times...