Sky Blue & Chocolate Paddy's available

  1. Hi everyone

    I just got a call from my SA at NM. She has a sky blue (blue claire) paddington available for $1480 (it's put aside in case I wanted it) and a chocolate paddington that will arrive by the end of this week.

    I am on a purse diet, so if any of you are interested, her name is Lisa (248) 635-8442 and she is a total sweetheart! Hope these bags go to good homes (I love the sky blue too- its not the greenish blue, but a true sky blue). Let me know if anyone decides to go for it- and please post pics!!! I am living vicariously through everyone for a bit longer!:cool: You can tell Lisa that Jill gave you the number.

    Oh, and if you have any problems (or need me to check it out prior to shipment) just let me know, and I will be happy to call Lisa for you.
  2. Skyblue paddy? Is it a new color? Wow, I've never seen it before! Anyone has a picture of it?
  3. purse diet? oh dear, I need to be on one of those:biggrin:

    edit: skyblue paddy? I would love to see pics of anyone has it.
  4. All I know is that she said it is "sky blue" and absolutely gorgeous. Perfect for jeans and summer! I was drooling over the phone, and told her that I would see if one of my friend's wanted it and not to let it go b/c it sounded AMAZING! I do not have pics though :sad:
  5. Sky blue is probably jeans moyen.
  6. I don't know- she called it "blue claire"???
  7. The sky blue (blue clair) is also the "jeans moyen", if I'm not mistaken. ETenebris did buy one and posted some lovely pics in daylight (can't find that thread now) but she returned it not coz of the colour tho.. she loved that colour! And has one atm too. It's a gorgeous colour and I'm finding it hard to make excuses not to get it. It occasionally comes up on LVR (which I think may be returns). I just gotta stop looking there, lol!
  8. Roey, I think it's jeans moyen too. And at that price, it seems to me like it's last season's price, y'know before the hike:smile:
  9. You are probably right- I am no Chloe expert-that is for sure. Maybe she will let me take pics? Just let me know!
  10. A diet is just "die" with a "t". I don't believe in it, lol:lol:, least of all a purse die - t!:lol::lol:

    Isn't the jeans moyen just too yummy for words?? I wonder why Chloe didn't make this in other styles like the pocket or zippy?
  11. OMG SerentiySue- I just love that color, that is why Lisa called me. She knows I am a total sucker for that color, and I have always had my eye on teh Paddy, just never committed to it. But this is hard to pass up- that color is TDF:love: but i have too:cry::cry::cry: Hopefully, it will go to a good home!
  12. Aww Jag:cry:. I know what u mean. I totally covet this colour but my heart is first set on getting a choco one! I have the whiskey and it's MMmMM! If you don't already have a paddy, this is it, my friend! I would love to see it go to YOU!;);)
  13. You are a sweetheart! Trust me, I wish this bag could go to me right now! I am trying to hold off buying any more bags until I get the Birkin- of course, with that waitlist I could be collecting social security before it comes in!:lol::lol::lol: So, I am going to be a good girl for a little while (AHHHHHHHH):sad:

    BTW- she is getting a choco one this friday, and I believe it is $1480 as well.