sky blue and more

  1. i just found a pix that shows me and my sky blue city which looks pretty true to its real color. i have asked mimi, thank you, :heart: :heart: to assist me to upload it in this section. the color is actually pretty close to the heels of my shoes!:biggrin: i will be posting some other pix of my other blue bal bags so you can see variations in shades of blue and sizes. to follow, after first sky blue city pix, ice blue weekender, blue 04 city with silver hardware and sky blue twiggy.
  2. Here is c's sky blue city!!! Of course, she's looking gorgeous - AND the bag is yummmmmmy!!!! :graucho: :love: Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!! :heart: :biggrin:
  3. I hate you!

    Okay, not really, but damnit if you don't look good with that bag. And I love the shoes - who are they? You're right about the matching heels too - verra cute.

    Edit: I really don't hate you, I'm just insanely jealous. I felt mean. :shame:
  4. mimi, thank you for helping me post pix ,as always, !!! :heart: :heart: :heart: my sky blue city , as posted, and also twiggy, have great ,smooshy old leather. :rolleyes: i have to say my ice blue weekender leather is pretty great too although it is about a year later...
  5. no problem! ;)
  6. hey english, thanks for the compliment?, i think... if you are nice, i might be pursuaded to lend you my heels. that is, if you wear size 40, LOL. my shoes are by marc jacobs. they are black and white trimmed maryjanes with sky blue plastic heels. and the shoes do sky blue bal leather justice.:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  7. you look gorgeous as always, C! Love the sky blue city & the shoes on you too :heart:
  8. Hehe - sorry. :shame: It was a compliment, honest. And I'm a 39, so I could make them work for me. ;)
  9. Love the blue!!!!!!!!!!
  10. WOW! you wear that b-bag well!!! its such a pretty colour! thanks for sharing!
  11. love the bag, love the color more.. hehe
  12. Great bag and it's perfect with your outfit! I never thought too much about the sky blue before but thanks to your pic, there's one more bag on my wish list!
  13. smokin hot!
  14. You are so lovely! Seriously, a stunner! Cute outfit, cute bag, pretty lady!
  15. oh no, greenie, your avatar photo looks like my old kitty-cat :love: