Sky blue 05 work-BIN 999!!!

  1. omg, someone get this beautiful bag!!! and a work style, no less! it's beautiful :love: good luck on your sale, Swiss :flowers: ;)
  2. Wow!!! That's a really good price!!! I hope a PFer wins it! It's beautiful!!!:heart:
  3. That is a really good price! Someone here should scoop it up. It won't last long.
  4. amazing price for an early 05 bag! damn...
  5. Such a good price! I'd snap it up if I was a blue person!
  6. Thanks you guys, suddenly no one is interested, but I have to:crybaby:
    let this Baby go, my dream bag is awaiting.:yahoo:
    I wish I could keep it, but I `m happy with my dreambag:wlae:
  7. Hi Swissflower, Are you in Seattle too? There are a couple of us b bag addicts here. Your bag is beautiful.
  8. Yes I`m in Seattle too....I went to Barneys the other day:yes:
    to ask about the new India-Blue...the guy who works there
    did not know anything about it.
    Seems strange.;)
    Oh well.
    Thanks you`all for the support.:heart:
  9. Good luck, Swissflower!:flowers:
  10. Thanks so much...I needed:tender:
  11. i really can't believe this bag has not sold yet! it's such an awesome price for a WORK! the works have increased in price this season. also, sky blue is gorgeous.

    someone go for it!!!
  12. Yeah, I wonder, where is everybody, a few Ladies showed
    some interest, but did not come thru, I think I`m very
    generous to let it go this cheap.:yes:

    This could be the best price ever:shrugs: think about it:angel:
  13.'s in immaculate condition! I hope it gets snatched up. I keep opening the auction. MUST. STEP. AWAY. :shame:
  14. Is this from SS 05 or FW 05?