Sky Blue 05 City - mint!

  1. Wow, amazing condition and good price!
  2. Wow. That bag is pretty, but the sellers organization of her bag/shoe collection is amazing!
  3. 0o0o0o YUMMY!!!
  4. Yes, very impressive! I believe she is a PFer, too, no? I thought I remember seeing the closet picture on someone's avatar...
  5. Yes it's Deana - she's incredibly clean and careful with her bags so the buyer on this auction is going to be really lucky!
  6. Sky blue is so nice in person! I'm loving the Sky Blue coin purse I got from Beverly. :love:

    Good luck!!
  7. Oooh babyclouds, it's a small world! I'm glad you're liking the coin purse, the color's so cute IMHO :P
  8. It's a beautiful bag !!:yes: :love:
    Good luck Deana
  9. ;) Hi everybody! I have been gone way too long! I was out of town for a bit, and then I had jaw surgery Nov 1st. I really hate to let this one go, but I am just not using it. I had thought once winter came I would not be using my Pink as much, but I can't seem to put her away. I may just be a vibrant color girl, and I've got an 05 Turq coming that I am hoping will help me put my pink away. I would hate to wear her out. I cringe to think of it, but if I don't start using my Magenta Box more, I may have to let her go. Does anyone else have a problem with letting unused bags go? Ugh, it's so painful!
  10. OT, sorry... but Deana, are those all LV boxes for storage?? Did you buy the boxes? Or store the LV somewhere else? Sorry, I don't call it nosy, I call it self-educating curiosity ;)....
  11. Hi! I'd say about 75% is LV and the rest is a combo of other designers. I had many LV shoes, bags, and accessories and I fell in love with their new boxes. Especially the drawer style, because no matter how high you stack them you can always get to what you need without having to tear the whole pile down. I was using flat gift boxes for my Balenciaga, but after reading info on storage here on the pf, I now stuff them with old t-shirts and put them in the larger LV boxes. I have a few gals I met from ebay, and they now write me before listing their boxes to see if I need any. That is just one wall of my walk-in closet too! I also have a seperate closet that I store books in because I review books for a website, and now I store them in LV boxes too.
  12. What a great idea! I have 100+ LV boxes in my basement and no idea what to do with them. Just have to get my anal self to go into super organized mode. :idea:

  13. In the end it's so worth it. Having to look through every box to find something is a pain in the butt and it takes alot of time. The process of buying boxes for non-LV items, taking pictures of everything, and affixing the pictures to the boxes took about 2-3 months. But it was so worth it. And now since it is all done, it's no problem adding new items as I buy them, or switching the items around. If you have the new dark brown boxes,
    especially the drawer style you should deffinitely take advantage of using them. Also, you can recoup a wee bit of your money spent if you sell the ones you don't use on ebay. I added a couple pictures to this post, and I would love to see yours when your done putting it together!
  14. I am loving it~~~~~~~