Mar 13, 2006
My dog just got sprayed by a skunk and I think I am suffocating! It is unbelievably disgusting!!!! My dad just gave her a tomato juice shower, so hopefully that'll help. Oh, man, I can't even go into the bathroom because I start gagging!
Oh, your poor dog! :o( Poor you, too! That is some foul smelling stuff! Our neighbor's dog got "skunked" and the poor baby was rubbing his face on the ground, trying to get it out of his eyes and nose. They gave him a bath out in the backyard, I don't remember what they used, though. I hope the smell goes away quickly.
You poor thing!!! and Poor Dog!!! Hopefully, he'll stay away from those black and white cats from now on. The tomato shower should help, but most of the time, there is some lingering smell after that. After a while, it fades though. I didn't know vets had stuff to make the smell go away! That would have been useful to know! :biggrin: