1. In right now....but overdone!! I have been into skulls for about 3 years, and am was so happy to get a few cool things, and then looked around and saw that it was EVERYWHERE!!!!!! I am very depressed, as it was kind of my thing!!!
  2. Aww, that sucks!

    Thats how I felt with polos, I still love them though ;[

    I want that scarf, should I get it?
  3. will look great with a ton of stuff....and you are young enough that in a few years when the skull thing has run its course, you can pull it out and be edgy again!!!! Also, it will look great with your black nail polish!!!
  4. I know right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    im getting it.
  5. Must show pics wearing it.....:smile:
  6. Well, I still like skulls and skeletons! :biggrin:

    But then, I always have. :yes:

    I picked up a really cool Chloe skeleton earring (singular) off eBay, earlier in the year. It wasn't even one that they sold, it was one of the ones they gave away to the people who went to one of their shows, a few years ago. :nuts: I recognised it from a photo of it I saw in a magazine, at the time.

    See by Chloe have produced a skeleton T-shirt this year, so I think they still have a bit of fashion mileage left:

    See by Chloe Skeleton t-shirt - NET-A-PORTER.COM
  7. I never liked skulls, and I have seen these scarves on celebs, etc. Reynald0c~Please post pics.
  8. They're still being worn by the SA's and sold at NM. My guess is that they're still 'In' enough!
  9. I'm just getting on the skull trend too. I bought a black shirt with shirte skulls repeated over the entire shirt. It's become one of my favorite shirts.
  10. I like the look on certain people, it looks so rocker-chic, which I love. I definitely couldn't pull it off though; just not my personal style at all. I'd say if you love it, go for it!
  11. i love skulls at the moment. i wear my john richmond scarf with skulls a lot. :biggrin:
  12. i wear my alexander mcqueen kull scarf a lot. its versatile adn you can put it anywhere i.e on your bag adn you can wear in so many different ways around your neck
  13. Isn't that scarf priced at over retail? They aren't $300+, I'm sure of it. Ok I'm going to PM Reynald, I hope he doesn't get it, I just saw them at my Neiman Marcus this past weekend! Argh!
  14. Im into skulls too, but thats minaly due to my obsession with Pirates of the Carribean and Disney :biggrin: